Arizona Republic Newspaper Deal ~ Special Rate, Discount Code


Update:  January, 2015  Here is the updated, lowest rate out there . . .

If you don’t get the Sunday coupons, you can get the Sunday and Wednesday Arizona Republic delivered for only $12 for 3 months, if you haven’t been a subscriber in the past 30 days.   I have verified that this is the best rate they currently have available.  You pay for one month, get two for free.  That works out to approximately $1 per week!  The key is that you need to cancel in three months, if you decide not to continue at full price, since it’s an autopay offer.  I’ve often called to cancel a promotional rate and they’ve extended it, but no guarantees on that.

I like getting the paper since I’m pretty much assured that I’ll get all the complete inserts.  If I don’t, I can call for redelivery or get a credit to my account.  If the coupons are great, you can head out and get more papers, hoping all the full inserts are there.  Always look, when you buy a single paper!  Sometimes people steal them, other times the store bought papers just don’t get all or complete inserts.  :(


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If you use the grocery lists I provide, you will definitely save much more than $1 per week!  This is such a great deal!!

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Reader Feedback

7 Responses to “Arizona Republic Newspaper Deal ~ Special Rate, Discount Code”

  • Susan says:

     Hi, I just discovered your site and I am loving it!  We just moved to AZ a couple of weeks ago and I have been looking for a good deal on the sunday newspaper.  Do you know if this newspaper is just for the Pheonix area?  We are in Prescott.  

    • Juli says:

      As far as I know, it's good throughout AZ, as long as you're in their delivery area.  I have family near you in Prescott Valley and they live in the "middle of nowhere" and were still able to get it.  :)  I'm guessing they'll notify you if you can't if you sign up online . .  or call to sign up, to be sure.  Make sure you tell them the code so you get the discount . . . DEALB.  Welcome to Arizona and Bargain Believer!  :)

  • Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing this deal.  I am signed up and ready to save, using your site!!

  • ken says:

    This offer $12 for 3 months is not true. The actual cost is $14+tx.
    The web site will not open. When I called the rep. did not know what I was talking about but it is still up.

    • Juli says:

      Did you try signing up, using the online form, at the link? I recently (about 6 weeks ago) spoke to the rep. at the AZ Republic, to make sure this was still the lowest rate available. I told them I only wanted to promote the best rate. She told me that this was better than the best out there. She did not tell me I couldn’t offer it or that the landing page would be changing. (I’m an affiliate with them, but the page is designed/maintained by them.)

      I’m not sure you can get it by calling. In the past, the code DBLOG was supposed to get you that rate, but I’m not sure if that’s still true or not. Please let me know if you tried the form. If it won’t submit or is charging you more, I need to contact them.

      Thanks for letting me know since I like to have everything up to date and accurate!

      • paul wilson says:

        What did you find out about best trial rate?

        • Juli says:

          I haven’t heard back from the reader. I suggest trying to submit the form at this link and seeing if it goes through.

          It should! If not, I’d love for you to let me know. I will need to find out what’s happening, for sure. This is a temp. rate. If you don’t cancel, you’ll start to be charged a higher rate, so watch for that. If you wait 30 days, you can do it again. Or, the most likely thing that will happen is that they’ll extend your rate when you call to cancel, or they’ll call you in a couple days and offer the same/similar. Hope it works out for you!

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