Bargain Believer ~ The Inside Story! :)

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I haven't exactly been trying to keep secrets, but I figured I'd share with everybody what some of you have asked or are wondering . . .  Why are you doing this?  How do you make money?  I thought about breaking this into two posts, but decided you're all adults and can manage your own time and eye strain without me worrying!

I'll start with a 30 second conversation my husband and I had two nights ago.
Me:  "What do you think about giving away half of what we make on Bargain Believer?"
Him:   "Okay, whatever you want to do."
Me, only half serious:  "What about taking the other half and using it to be frugally frivolous?"
Him:  "Ha, ha.  You know we don't think that way.  It all goes into the same pot."
Me:  "Yes, but do you think we could just try to think it doesn't?"
Him:  "Probably not."  Laugh, laugh, laugh . . . end of conversation.

So, we will give away half of of what we make from this website and the other half will go into our "pot."  Some of it might be given, some of it might be spent accumulating 1¢ items, and another part might be spent on vacation.  Who knows?  All of our money really is a gift from God and we just can't think of it any differently.  Don't worry, we still have fun and even splurge from time to time!  We feel so opposite of deprived.  We feel completely blessed!

The miraculous part is that we even had that conversation.  We began this website with the hopes of covering my web hosting fees . . . someday.  I "knew" it would be impossible to do for many, many months but we didn't care.  I guess there was a remote hope that someday it would surpass that, but I mean much later!  We have covered our hosting fees for the year and well beyond, proving what little I know.  This is all in just over two months . . .  simply amazing to me!!

Now to answer the question, "How?"  When you are interested in a Google ad and click, I receive money.  When you click other ads on my page and make a purchase, sign up, or print certain coupons (about 1/3 of what I link to) I receive a small commission — stress on small!!  However, it's crazy to me how the pennies add up.  (Take this as an encouragement . . . every little bit you save is adding up faster than you realize!)

If I figure my hourly wages, I might make about $1 an hour, but that's wonderful!!  I didn't plan on wages and that's not what motivated me to start this website.  In reality, we live more than comfortably with what my husband makes and I don't need or want a job.  I'm just an regular person like you who had a passion and vision for something and finally acted on it.  I was always calling people or sending out emails when there was a great deal.  This is just an extension of that.  I call this my hobby, not my job . . . except on Tuesday nights when I need to do all the grocery ads!!  Whew, that takes awhile!

Just as I didn't plan on making money,  I didn't plan on spending so much time working on content for this website either.  Honestly, making money is more motivating than losing money or coming out even.  Hopefully, between my passion for saving and helping others save, your encouraging emails and comments, and the potential to make money, I will remain energized to put in the time to keep this website going.

Thank you very much for spreading the word.  This began with an email to friends and family and my own Facebook posting . . . that's it.  You have spread the word by mouth, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, emails, etc.  Thank you!  Please keep getting the word out.  I would love to see the time I invest help more and more people save!

Thanks for being on this journey with me.  Happy saving!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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