Copy of Fry’s Printed Coupon Policy ~ January 26th, 2011

See this week's deals & coupon match ups HERE.

June 2011 Update:  The changes are in red HERE.  Basically, you can redeem a coupon that has a value higher than the product, if you apply the overage to something else you are purchasing.  It will rarely come into play, but possibly if you have a $1 coupon for a 99¢ item or get a higher value coupon that doesn't exclude trial sizes.

July 2011 Update:  Effective Aug.1, 2011 — Fry's will no longer accept competitors' coupons.  Manufacturers' coupons will still be worth $1.

I've scanned a copy of the new Fry's coupon policy that starts January 26th and goes for an unknown amount of time.  Click on the image above to enlarge it.  I will update this posting when I hear that the policy has changed.

If you have a problem when you're in the store, I suggest calmly (don't forget that part!) asking to see their policy.  If that doesn't clear things up, contact corporate (623-936-2100) and they will help you and/or the store understand where the confusion is.  Of course, ask me any questions you have too!

To me, these are the major points:

  • NEW They will accept competitor's coupons — AFTER your coupons and VIP discounts are taken off
  • You can use more than one different competitor coupon as long as you meet both totals
    (ex:  A Fresh & Easy $5 off $25 and Albertson's $10 off $100 would require a $125 purchase.)
  • You can use a competitor's coupon with a manufacturer's coupon
    (ex:  Use Safeway's coupon for beans w/ a manufactuer's coupon for the same beans.)
  • All coupons will be worth $1, even coupons that say "DO NOT DOUBLE."
    (Only three coupons for a like item is worth $1, extras are taken at face value.)
  • Competitor's brand items can be substituted for a comparable brand item
    (ex:  If you have a Target brand ice cream coupon, you can purchase Fry's brand instead.)
  • You can use a competitor's coupon for pretty much anything in the store (food & non-food)
    (This excludes rare items like a BBQ, patio furniture, etc.  Ask first, if you're in doubt.)
  • Digital coupons are not subject to doubling (eCoupons that you load directly to you card)
  • You cannot use an eCoupon & a paper coupon on the same product (paper won't be accepted)
      (From:  Cellfire, Shortcuts, or Fry'

I like the added specific, written clarifications that were missing last time.  The major change is that if you are using a competitor's coupon, you must hit the required minimum AFTER your coupons are deducted.  I have to say that I think this is fair, though I loved taking advantage of the "before" savings during the holidays.  It was good while it lasted, just remember that!  :)

Update:  There is also a link to this policy on Fry's Facebook wall.  You can "like" them for future updates.

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11 Responses to “Copy of Fry’s Printed Coupon Policy ~ January 26th, 2011”

  • kathleen keane says:

    Honest Tea price went up from 49 cents to 75 cents.   I added the E coupons, but my E-coupon did not show up for the Axe BOGO deal I was trying to do.  Don't know what was up with that.

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for the updated Honest Tea price.  I'll change it on the current shopping list.  I wonder what else went up.

      Did you have a paper coupon for Axe?  I never fully trust eCoupons, but I'm wondering if they've changed their system so it won't accept an eCoupon if you have a paper coupon.  I haven't seen my eCoupons come off too often lately — and I almost always have a paper coupon for items with an eCoupon.  The only place I see it in "writing" is after you load an eCoupon on their website.  It says they can't be combined with a manufacturer's coupon.  Hmmmm . . .???

  • kathleen keane says:

    I did the Axe deal day before yesterday and my e-coupon did come off even with the BOGO paper coupon.  Today I used a BOGO coupon again but my e-coupon did not come off.    I believe the Hormel chili  price changed also, but as I was not interested in it, I did not make a mental note of the exact price change.

  • kathleen keane says:

    Do you know the price of the Kroger's sliced cheese – -the one we can use the Lucern sliced cheese coupon for?

    • Juli says:

      Sorry, I don't.  I can check on that and the Hormel when I go.  I'm hoping tomorrow, but that may not happen.  Thanks for the Hormel warning.  :)

  • Alicia Carpenter says:

    Bah! just installed the coupon printer again, and still nothing. Is it because we have Firefox now instead of Explorer, I wonder?

    • Juli says:

      I wish I could help you.  Oh, you did make sure you "ran" the program, right?  I remember that was something I didn't do and was having problems.

      I think they have an FAQ section on their website that might be helpful.  It shouldn't be Firefox since that's what I use and it works perfectly.  Good luck!

  • Judith says:

    Let me make sure I understand this one: If I use the coupon $10.00 off when I spend $50.00. Is that before the coupons are after the coupons? If you use your list correctly you will not be spending more than $50.00 after coupons:O) That is my plan for my brother in law anyway. I am making a detailed list and sending it to him on base with coupons in hand and how to follow it to get the best deals for the least amount of money.
    Thank you so much, I am so happy to have found your webstie – Fry's seems GREAT!

    • Juli says:

      Fry's is my favorite grocery store.  I usually only make it to Fry's each week, though sometimes I'm lured in by other stores' deals.  Since I shop at Fry's the most, I find many unadvertised deals, so that makes the Fry's list the best.  It's fairly thorough.

      Your total needs to still be $50 after all discounts and coupons are deducted.  Yes, it's torture to get that high for me.  :)  If there's a great meat sale or a super sale on all kinds of things, it's possible.  I think of it as needing to get to $40.  If you can do that, $10 is free.  I don't know how many times I've walked around telling myself . . . "Okay, all you have to do is spend $2 to get $10 free.  You can do it!"  There's just so little we need since I'm stocked, but I don't want to throw away a great savings opportunity either.  (I get most of my produce at Walmart since they will ad match, so I don't like to overpay for that either!)

      What a nice thing to do for a brother-in-law.  I wish I had somebody who did that for me.  When I'm done with the lists, I don't feel like organizing myself or shopping.  :)  I feel like I've already conquered "it" and am satisfied.  However, those little "getting organized" and "going" details are important!!  :)

      So . . . you are correct on everything you said.   :)  Enjoy!

  • Laura says:

    I bought the V8 products today…no catalina bonus…too bad!

    • Juli says:

      Darn . . . I was waiting to get my coupons on Sunday and then I was going to hope for the best!  :(  Thanks for letting me know.  I updated the list.

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