OVER! Cellfire eCoupons ~ FREE 50¢ or $2 Tomorrow Between 4am – 4pm AZ Time

If you login to Cellfire tomorrow between 4 am and 4 pm, you will see a coupon that's for cash off ANYTHING.  It will either be worth 50¢ or $2. (You will need to use it by September 5th.)  If you don't have a Cellfire account, you will need to sign up and enter your Fry's VIP number.  I would do that now to get ready.  There is more information about Cellfire below, if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Cellfire eCoupons are only accepted at Fry's (locally, in AZ).  They are super simple.  After entering your Fry's VIP card number (the first time) you just click on the coupons you want and they're loaded to your card.  The savings will automatically come off your total, if you purchase the required items.

But . . . be careful!!  YOU CAN NOT COMBINE THESE WITH PAPER COUPONS & THEY DON'T DOUBLE!  If you have a paper coupon & a Cellfire coupon for the same item, your paper coupon won't be accepted, even if the value is more.  If you buy extra items to cover the minimum requirements on both coupons, you're set.  So . . . you can not get one box of granola thins and use both coupons.  However, you could get two boxes and use both coupons.

If you don't use paper coupons, are out of a particular coupon, or there isn't a paper coupon for the same item — they are wonderfully easy!

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