Shopping Function is Even Better Now! ~ Categorized Items & More!

Update:  I did a 10 minute video explaining how it works.

I told people over on Facebook that my husband was working on my birthday present . . . improvements to the shopping list function.  Happy birthday to me.  It’s now live!  Consider it the party favor for stopping by the party!  :)  Thanks for being here!

Just to do the recent improvements, my husband worked over 20 hours.  I asked him what he would have charged someone else for the whole project, from start until now.  He just laughed and said it was more than I could afford — glad I have connections!

The shopping list function helps you create and organize personalized shopping lists.  The major change is that it will be categorized for you, to make your shopping trips faster.

Let me preface it by saying that it’s not going to be perfect for everyone.  I agonized over choosing categories.  I didn’t want them too broad.  At the same time, even the same grocery chain sometimes has a different layout.  That means I couldn’t do it by aisle or get too specific or it would lose its value when you got to the store to use it.

So, I settled on what I did, knowing it’s not perfect, but also knowing that it will help me organize my shopping trips better.  I hope you feel the same way.  If you don’t . . . you’re stuck with what I have.  :(  There’s no way to uncategorize, though you can still move things up and down within a category.

Here are the categories:

Personal Care
Pet Care

Food (non-chilled)
Breakfast (cereal, bars, etc.)
Drinks (non-chilled)
Meat & Cheese

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, find a green plus sign to click on from the shopping lists (must be on the website) and it will open up the list.  Drag it to the side and keep adding items to your list.  Hopefully, it’s fairly intuitive and you can figure it out by clicking around.  Remember that you can go from store to store and don’t have to stick with only one list.

You will have the option view and organize your lists altogether or one list at a time.

I will be doing a video about it soon, but I wanted to let you know about the changes first.  I think you will be able to figure out what you need to.  If you have any questions, please leave it in the comment section below.   That way, when I answer it, others can benefit if they have the same question.

After clicking green plus signs from list to list, you’ll be able to:

  • Sort items by store and also categories within the store
  • Sort your coupons by insert for easy cutting (one store or multiple stores at once)
  • Delete lines you don’t want
  • Save ink by unbolding all the formatting and/or shrinking the text
  • Change quantities (can now add a note there as well, if you don’t want to type in only a number)
  • Add & categorize your own items on specific lists
  • Move items up or down to sort them within a category
  • Automatically save work until you clear it (if using same browser)
  • More . . . play around and see what you discover!

** If you have a previous a list that is saved, it will be there, but there won’t be categories.  If you want categories, you’ll have to clear that list and start over.