Winco Foods ~ Super Coupon Deals! (Glendale & Phoenix NEW Stores)

At this time, I don't do coupon match ups for Winco, but you can find most other stores' match ups on Bargain Believer.

There are two new Winco Stores in Phoenix and Glendale.  I think there is one coming in East Mesa, soon.  (Probably other locations, too??)

The specific locations are:

330 W Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85023

5850 W Bell Road
Glendale, AZ 85308

My understanding is that they don't have weekly ads, just promise low everyday prices.  They also don't take credit cards (they do take debit), so be prepared for that.  Also be aware that you are expected to bag your own groceries.

Since they don't have a weekly ad, I won't be doing coupon match ups for them since I don't live near a Winco and won't be able to make it there to walk the aisles searching for deals.

If you live close to one, you probably want to check them out.  Minimally, this week, they have some good deals to lure you in.

Check out their printable coupons.   (Some are the same as, but some are Winco exclusives that are amazing prices.

(Thanks for the coupon links, Kristeena!)

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  • adrianna weikel says:

    Winco has another one going in off the 60 and Power Rd (where the OLD) costco was.  and then there is one still in the development stage for Gilbert off Pecos & Market (really hoping that one goes in!)  We are originally from Oregon and only shopped at Winco when we lived there.  I am excited for their seasonal holiday candies in bulk.  :)

    Juli, I keep meaning to ask if you by chance happen to have a excel spread sheet of what your is your price that you pay for items?  I tried to start one a while ago and put what brands I get and how much I prefer to pay for an item, but then since I don't coupon a lot, I stopped.  Do you have a list of what you prefer to pay for items and what brands you usually get?  Or would you be willing to make one and share?  

    • Juli says:

      I hope to check out one of those Winco's later.  They would be closer, though still not close enough to make regular trips there — probably.  I guess if the prices are amazing, they might lure me in!

      I have started a list, like you're talking about, several times.  I know it's something people want to know.  I have always quit before I get too far.  It's such an overwhelming, seemingly too arbitrary of a list for me.  However, I realize I have some prices in my mind since that's how I determine if I buy it!  Honestly, sometimes it's somewhat of a gamble since I just can't predict all the sales.

      I've looked online and seen a couple other lists that I'm too critical of (just do a Google search).  The one I like the best is a price to pay if you're getting low and if you're not as low.  (  I can't say I agree with all the prices. I would love to get cooking spray for $0.45, but it's not happening — I've been on the lookout for months now since I am now down to my last bottle.  Cleaners — I'm getting low on those too.  Prices have just gone up beyond what this and most lists show.)

      I like that list better than the ones that claim all sales are cyclical and you buy certain things certain months.  Yes, ham goes on sale at Easter.  Turkey, stuffing, veggies, etc at Thanksgiving, baking items at Christmas, soda around "outdoor" holidays . . . okay, I get that.  But, I don't see how people know when soap, TP, and orange juice go on sale.  I don't think it's as predictable as people think and make lists for.

      I have been couponing "forever" — since I spent money for my own food and household items.  I can tell you that there are things I used to never pay for that I do now — napkins, Dove bar soap, hair coloring, shampoo, women's body wash (used to make money all the time!), etc.  Even men's body wash was free within the past year , all the time, and not so much anymore.  Anyway — even at those times, is $0 my price for body wash or is $1?  How stocked are you?  How many coupons do you have access to?  How many are in your family?  Are prices going to continue to go up?  Are coupons going to continue to eliminate the smaller sizes?  Blah, blah, blah.  :)  I just have such a hard time answering this.   If you emailed me and said your pantry is bare and you want to know if you should pay $xx for sugar and how many, I could give you my best estimate.  Or, if you're out of TP, I can get you in the ballpark.   Or, if you have a year's supply of TP, I can also get you in a lower ballpark.  So . . . I know I'm making this more difficult than it has to be, but it's so stressful for me.  I guess I'm afraid to mislead people.

      I have given thought to coming up with a symbol that I can put by the items that I think are the best deal, on the shopping lists.  I really need to bump that up on the priority list.  (Believe it or not, the comprehensive list is also on my "someday to do" list, but we'll see if it ever gets done.)  In the meantime, search for people that have more confidence in putting it in black and white.  I'm too afraid to mess it up for people and would need two pages of disclaimers.  I'm just strange like that.

      Oh, my idea for the stock up list was also to include the Costco bulk price and/or generic price, so there was a baseline to compare it to.  That might be helpful, if you're creating your own.  I started that, too, but now my prices are out of date and I would need to redo those.  :(

      I guess my general rule is to look at the generic brand and consider how much cheaper the brand name item (w/ sale or coupon) is.  If you really need it, equal or slightly less is still good since you're getting name brand.  But, if you're totally stocked, I would drop that price down quite a bit, tied to the amount you already have.  So, if I have tons of TP, I probably want to get it for $0.15 – $0.20 per roll (single, double ply).  But, if I really need it, I'm wiling to spend $0.25 since that's about what generic is and I prefer to get the name brand.  I don't want to get "desperate" and have to overpay for the name brand or pay full price for generic.  I know the generic guideline has been helpful for some, and it's fairly easy and flexible, as pricing changes.

      Well, I sure did a lot of babbling for not giving you an answer, huh?  Sorry for the lack of help from me!

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