Watch for FREE Coupons in La Voz Newspaper

La Voz is a free Hispanic newspaper that has coupons in it.   I never had any luck finding these, but if you are out and about, don't pass them up.  Unfortunately, people take stacks and they disappear quickly.

I received an email from a reader about the coupons and asked her where she found hers.  (In addition to the places below, I hear Food City gets them, but I haven't been able to find any there, recently.)  Here's what she says . . . (Thanks, Crystal!)

 . . . some circle ks, ranch market, any lil mexican carniceria place and by some bus stops and liquor they seem to be on every corner here in glendale ..there are 3 inserts 2 smartsource and the pepsi momets one with the free starbucks. :)

So, keep those ojitos open and see what you can find.  I think they're delivered on Fridays, so that's the day you have the best luck.

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