FREE Turkey at Fry’s & Fresh & Easy (Phoenix, AZ area deal) ~ $30 Min. Purchase!

Here’s the updated information for 2013!  Make sure you check out the other deals on the website, too!  If you’re from Arizona & like good deals — you’ll love it!

Don’t forget that the major stores (Bashas’, Fry’s, Safeway, & Albertsons) are all matching each other’s prices.  So, you should be able to get a FREE turkey (matching Safeway’s offer) at any of the major stores.  Walmart also ad matches, so you can give that a whirl, too!

American Discount Foods:
(Only one location, in Mesa near Southern & Alma School)
49¢/lb (Butterball) w/ $30 purchase (limit 1)
69¢/lb (Butterball) w/ no minimum purchase (limit 1)
FREE Butterball turkey with $100 purchase (in lieu of 49¢/lb turkey)
Update:  You can now get up to 5 turkeys, for $0.49/lb, no minimum purchase.  See this post.
See ad, location, etc. here.  SOLD OUT!

Albertsons: (Honesuckle White)
79¢/lb with $25 purchase
Will match Safeway, Fry’s, or Bashas’
See the full Albertsons coupon match ups here.

Bashas’: (Norbest or Jennie-O)
79¢/lb with additional $25 purchase (limit 1, while supplies last)
Will match Safeway, Albertsons, or Fry’s
See the full Bashas’ coupon match ups here.

Fresh (not frozen) Butterball turkeys were between $1.05 & $1.09/lb.  (Thanks, Lisa & Vanessa!)

Fresh & Easy: (Jennie-O, I think)
Not in ad this week, but I called and they’re still 59¢/lb.
Look for $5 off $25 or $10 off $50 coupon in their sales flyer.
(You won’t be able to ad match somewhere else since it wasn’t in the ad.)
My store was sold out, so you might want to call your store.

Fry’s: (Grade A turkey)
79¢/lb with $25 purchase (limit 1, while supplies last)
Will match Safeway, Albertsons, or Bashas’
See the full Fry’s coupon match ups here.

Check your local store.
El Rancho Market in Chandler has Norbest for 59¢/lb (up to 12 lbs w/ $50 purchase)

Safeway: (Grade A turkey)
79¢/lb with additional $25 purchase (limit 1, while supplies last)
99¢/lb with additional $50 purchase for Butterball
Spend $100 and get a FREE Safeway frozen turkey up to 16 lbs.
Spend $150 and get a FREE Safeway frozen turkey up to 24 lbs.
They don’t say if it’s before or after coupons are deducted.
See the full Safeway coupon match ups here.

Smart & Final:
57¢/lb with additional $25 purchase (limit 1, while supplies last)
Make sure your location has the same price, I only checked my local ad.

Unsure of their reg. price, but they will ad match.
See Walmart ad matching and coupon match ups here.

Will “beat all grocery chain stores’ advertised prices” with a $50 purchase.
I’m not sure what “beating” is and it may vary from store to store.
You can read their guarantee.

Current Albertsons Deals are HERE

Current Bashas’ Deals are HERE

Current Fry’s Deals are HERE

Current Safeway Deals are HERE


It looks like Fry’s is ad matching Fresh & Easy’s FREE turkey with a $30 purchase deal!

If you’re going to Fresh & Easy, print this $3 off $30 or $10 off $50 coupon to save even more!  Now expired.  :(
Update:  I’ve found that F&E will take the coupon if you hit the $30 or $50, with your turkey!  Then, it takes the turkey price off.  No guarantees, but that’s how it worked for me!

If you have your Sunday paper, it wouldn’t hurt to bring in the ad from page A8.  If not, just ask.  I hear they have a price scanning sheet at the register and it’s super simple to do.  Most people are saying they’re getting the Fry’s brand, not the Jennie-O.  A free turkey is a free turkey to me!

I’m not sure about areas like Tucson, where they don’t have a Fresh & Easy.  Anyone have luck there?
Update:  Many Tucson readers are having luck.  Call your store to see if they will do it!

See all the current deals at Fry’s, with coupons matched, here.

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Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “FREE Turkey at Fry’s & Fresh & Easy (Phoenix, AZ area deal) ~ $30 Min. Purchase!”

  • Sene says:

    Rather than try and price match at the register, I just called my Fry's in Tucson (Speedway and Pantano) and they will not price match to F&E because they are not here in town…boo!

    • Juli says:

      Sorry that they're not matching at your location.  If you live near another one, give them a call.  I heard that one store did it, but it might have been a one time thing and I don't know which one it was.  But, probably not going to happen, sorry!

    • Juli says:

      I don’t know how close you are to this location, but Latoya just said that they are price matching Fresh and Easy’s free turkey deal at the Fry’s on Cortaro.

    • Juli says:

      And . . someone said it just worked on Ina. So, there’s hope for you! :)

  • HarodS says:

    We got our free turkey Thursday without a problem. I asked CS first before we shopped if they were price matching F& E free turkey, and was told that they were. Be aware tho if you have that recent $3/$10 meat ecoupon loaded to your card  it will come off first and then the  balance of your turkey will come off as "ad match"  I was able today to get a $3 gift card to replace the $3 ecouponl that was used on the "free" turkey.  

    • Juli says:

      Glad you got it and they got the $3 coupon credited for you.  Thanks for letting us know about that.  I got my turkey at F&E, so don't know the whole process, firsthand.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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