FREE Book Download ~ ABC’s of Freezer Cooking

This book is intriguing to me.  Hopefully, motivation to do it will hit me soon because I love the idea.  I freeze a lot of things, but rarely complete meals.  I need to!  It would save us a lot of money since we tend to eat out when nothing is planned.

You can get The ABC's of Freezer Cooking for FREE.  (Amazon prices can change at any time, but it's free right now.) 

It's a Kindle download, but you can also read it on other devices.

You can even download software to read these books on your computer, without having a Kindle!

Are there any pros out there that have advice or a great recipe?

(Thanks, Savings Lifestyle!)

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2 Responses to “FREE Book Download ~ ABC’s of Freezer Cooking”

  • Paula Farris says:

    I'm not a pro, but I have done freezer cooking quite a bit. Here are a few tips:
    Clear your kitchen/work area of all clutter. You will create enough of a mess without starting with one.
    Triple check all your ingredients, equipment, and supplies. It is not fun to have your mixer quit during your first batch of something, or realize that you don't have enough flour, or that you are out of baking powder.
    Plan ahead for side dishes to go with your entrees. It is easy to think you have dinner taken care of, then realize that meatloaf alone doesn't really make a meal.
    On cooking day, plan to order pizza or have your husband pick up dinner on the way home.
    Use up all your leftovers before you begin. This frees up room in your frig.
    On cooking day, wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes, take an actual lunch break where you sit down and actually eat lunch, drink lots of water, and take a 15 minute break every 3 hours or so. This will help you to have the energy to complete the task.
    Find a sitter for small children. You could barter meals for babysitting.
    If you are new to freezer cooking, stick to the recipes. Certain spices intensify while the dish is frozen and can ruin the flavor of the food when it is served. Some ingredients become limp or soggy if not properly prepared. Better to stick with what has been proven. If you do experiment, do it on only one or two dishes.
    Hope this helps someone! I really enjoy freezer cooking and equally enjoy having dinner almost finished before the day even begins.

    • Juli says:

      I wasn’t even thinking along those lines, but that is all wonderful advice!! I need to get myself motivated and set aside some time. I know it will save so much time, in the future. Thanks for taking the time to give us all the specifics!

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