Harkins Discount Tips ~ Like Having a Coupon! :)


Here are my Harkins savings tips . . .

You can purchase a movie shirt at Harkins (at the theater or pay for shipping online), for $25, while supplies last.  The official rules say that you have to wear the shirt, but we have never had any trouble just showing them the shirt, when we purchase our movie tickets.  (It comes in a fairly compact, circular packaging.)  You will be given a medium popcorn voucher to get one completely free.  It is $1 to upgrade to a large and $1.50 for an extra large.  Both of those also have one free refill.  That’s a lot of popcorn and perfect for the times you’re taking the whole family.

They also sell souvenir drink cups for $5 that get you $1.50 refills all year.  (It’s up from the $1 refills they offered last year.)

If you’re going to buy any of the above, including movie tickets, why not earn free popcorn as you do it?  Purchase a $25 Harkins gift card FIRST.  Then, use it to purchase your other items.  With each $25 gift card purchase, you get another medium popcorn voucher.  They don’t expire for a full year, so hang onto it if you don’t want to use it right away.

Another deal you might want to tuck away for the future . . . they will give you FREE popcorn on your birthday, with ID.

Now for the giveaway . . .

I have a little fun / torturous (depends on your personality) :) guessing game.  Good luck!  I have no idea what I would guess, had my husband not told me.

He’s been working on finding a solution to the reason the website has been moving so slowly lately.  One of the things he came across was the revision number.  (That means how many times we have “saved” something, in a post, for this website.)  He was shocked and just laughed and shook his head.  I’m not sure how shocked I am since I know how much content we put on here.  I also know we often save things more than once since we can’t bear to lose our work.

So, here’s the question:

As of 4 pm on 1/8/13 . . . How many saves have we done on Bargain Believer, for posts?

Here are some facts for you, which you may find almost useless.  :)

I started this site 2 3/4 years ago.  If you look at the number of pages or posts, those are not completely accurate.  I used to have posts expire, which made them disappear from the site completely.  Now, we manually untag each item that doesn’t belong in each category anymore, leaving it on the site in case you need to do a search and find it sometime.  We also have a small number of drafts that never got published.  When we do the grocery posts, we often save way more than once — basically, at each point we can’t bear to lose what we just composed.  :)

To enter this giveaway, leave your name, email (private), and one guess.  The closest to the actual number is the winner.  If there’s a tie, I will choose a random winner between the potentially winning guesses.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond before I choose another winner to mail the certificate to.

The giveaway will end on Wednesday, January 16th at 8pm AZ time.

(Harkins did not sponsor this giveaway.  I purchased the shirt voucher.)

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