Fry’s VIP Card ~ Check Your Suns Rewards and Enroll in Dbacks Rewards


We got an e-mail from Lisa about the Fry’s Suns Rewards ending soon.  Thanks to Lisa, I’m getting a new sling pack!  Let me explain…

We’ve all seen the Suns tags in the store.  The last few weeks, they have been advertising the D-back products in their ad.  Basically, you get 1 point per $1 you spend on certain items.  You must enroll in the program!  So, head to Fry’s, after you log in, click Promotions at the top.  You’ll see the different promos on the left side.  You’ll need your VIP card to enroll.

Lisa told us that the Suns program was ending soon.  You have 30 days from their last regular season game, which was 4/3, to cash in your points for something good.  I knew I had enrolled in this program, but I never would have checked my account or got a reward.  Thanks Lisa!  I don’t purposely buy any of these items, but I had 54 points waiting for me.  So, I got a Suns sling pack.  Shipping is free too!  How sweet is that?

Make sure you check out all the prizes.  You can get merchandise, apparel, even game tickets!

Also, while you are there, click on the My Account tab.  It’ll show your total VIP Card savings for the year so far.  I’m at $789!  That’s just the card savings, not to mention the extra that comes off in coupons!  I love saving money.

(Thanks again, Lisa!)

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