Harkins 2014 Summer Movie Tickets on Sale Now!


Harkins is selling their Summer Movie tickets.  It is $7 to see 10 movies.  You can see the movies and other details at this link.  There are more specific questions answered at this link.

All shows start at 9:45am.  You will have to choose your theater and day of the week, which will remain the same throughout the summer.  ( If you don’t want to get the 10 pack, you can pay $2 for each individual movie that you want to see and hop around from day to day or theater to theater.)

Unless your school is selling tickets (some might), you will need to go to your theater to purchase the tickets.  You can’t get them online or by phone.

It’s funny to read this, but “adults are NOT under any circumstance, admitted unless a child accompanies them.”  (Kids are considered to be 12 and under.)  It’s usually the other way around.  :)

Check out the Harkins money saving tips I’ve written about before.  Purchase a gift card before buying these tickets and earn free popcorn!


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