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Update:  Many of us have started receiving our gift cards.  I already used mine! ~ Juli

I don’t post about many sweepstakes (as you might know), but I’m going to continue bugging you about entering this one!!  (No, I don’t get paid to tell you about it.)  Gina won $100 and so have several other people.  I won $25 and have heard for many people who have, also.  Now, check out this comment that Angie left on the website . . .

I am so excited!  I won a $1000.00, and I was a bit doubtful before I got a phone call from an actual person verifying my information.  I won by text and I had a different process like notarized papers due to the amount being over $599.  Now, I wait to go shopping!

GO ENTER!  Don’t give up if you lose.  Keep trying each day!  It’s only open to AZ and NV residents (over 21), so I think that’s why so many of us are winning!!

The promotion is through Coors Light.  To enter, go to this link or text COLD to 28130.  You will then be asked to reply with your state (use AZ, not spelled out) and date of birth.  Update:  Many people who are texting are getting error messages.  I would just do it online.

You have to live in Arizona or Nevada to play and be over 21.  The sweepstakes ends on 9/4/13 and it says that winners are selected at pre-determined times.  Pick the lucky time — don’t all go now!   :)

Warning:  It won’t really seem like you win at first.  They will either tell you that you’re a winner or that you’re a “potential winner.”  (Well, or a loser.)  :(  If you get a winning notification online, you will be taken to a screen that tells  you to enter a code — slight problem, you won’t get a code for up to 48 hours.  I have no clue why they did this.  Be patient.  It will come.  When you get it through text or email (depending on how you enter), go to the link they provide ( and enter the code.  You will be prompted to give them more information and it says your prize is on the way!


I was skeptical, at first, due to the fact that there isn’t a link on their website and then the way they notify the winners.  But, I emailed Coors and they verified that it’s legit and from them.  Hopefully, I’ll be getting my $25 pre-paid card in the mail!

Let us know if you’re a winner!  There have been quite a few already!

(Thanks, Marcia!)


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27 Responses to “Win Yet? ~ Angie WON $1,000!!! ~ PLAY EACH DAY!!”

  • Jacob says:

    Once you win $25 it seems like you have to stop entering, is that right?

    • Juli says:

      I gave up reading the fine print just now, but you want some light reading, here’s the link:

      I assumed (or read somewhere!??!)that it’s only one per person and if you win more than once, the first one counts — but, maybe I remember it wrong since I just saw that the first “entry” will count.

      Something to note (that I just noticed) is that you can entry once per day, per entry method. So, I’m assuming that means you can text & do it online!

      Personally, I stopped playing, after I won the $25. Then, I switched over to my alternate identity, my husband. :) He’s still a loser. :)

  • jay says:

    on number 7 in the rules right above where they list the prizes in the table it says limit 1 win per person. I know of 3 $100 wins and a $25 win on my end.

    • Juli says:

      Thanks! I knew it had to be there somewhere! Sounds like you and those around you are having some good luck. Congrats!!

  • Terri says:

    I keep getting a tex message that says CL:system error or when I try on line it says not eligible must be AZ or NV resident?? I tried both my zip and my mom’s? Any ideas?

    • Juli says:

      I can’t speak for the text thing since I haven’t entered that way. I haven’t ever seen that happen, but just tested it and got the same message. I thought it might work if you take the “AV” (age verification, I’m assuming) off the end of the link, getting right to the entry page. But, I just tried that and after I submit it, I get a weird “computer language” page — as I call it for my husband! :) Basically, I think they’re having a problem with their site right now and I would just try again later. I hope it starts working soon!!

    • Juli says:

      Try again! It just worked for me. I lost, but at least it worked. :)

  • Terri says:

    It’s working today…but I lost! :(

  • Janine says:

    My husband won $25. I’m still plugging away for mine.

  • Sara says:

    Just won $25 great way to start my Sunday morning. Now for the hubby.

  • Vanessa says:

    I keep getting an error message anytime I ever try to enter

    • Juli says:

      Are you entering online or by text? It seems like people are having trouble with the texting method, so I would try online. Sorry for the pain! Hope you win!

  • Vanessa says:

    Hubby just entered and it say he won something but we can’t seem to find the email they sent with the code in it.

    • Juli says:

      They don’t send the code for 48 hours. It’s confusing. They take you to the page to enter it right way, but you don’t have it. Hopefully, it will come soon. They will give you the link, with the code. Then, you will go to that link, enter the code, and see what he won. I hope it’s big! It’s anywhere between $25 and $10,000. I’m still waiting to hear from the $10,000 winner. :) We did have a $1,000 report, thought!!

  • Vanessa says:

    Juli, thank you so much :)

  • Tanya says:

    Yay! I won $100! Thank you so much Juli! :) :)

    • Juli says:

      Love it!! My husband won yesterday afternoon, so I’m just waiting on his email. I’ll take the $25, but wouldn’t complain about $100 or more! :) We’ll see. Congrats!!

  • Erica says:

    This giveaway was a little strange, but I won $100 after 4 days of trying! Not too shabby! I’m telling everyone about this, Thanks so much Juli!

    • Juli says:

      Yes, very strange. Before I posted, I emailed them, with the contact info on their website. They don’t even (at least at the time) have it on their website. Weird! But, they confirmed that it was legit. That’s probably why so many of us are winning — nobody’s playing since they don’t know about it. I’m still waiting on my $25 and my husband’s $25 to show up — hopefully, coming!! Congrats on the $100!!

  • Dorraine Coulter says:

    It said I won yesterday, but didn’t say what? No code yet?

    • Juli says:

      It will take (at least) 24 more hours and then (hopefully!) you’ll get your code emailed. The email will tell you how much you won. It’s at least $25. Congrats!

  • Stephanie says:

    The website says I just won, and I’m waiting the 24-48 hrs to receive my code, but just out of curiosity…has anyone actually received their money yet???

    • Juli says:

      I haven’t received mine, but I haven’t given up hope since I had a personal email with the company, before I ever posted it. I’m wondering if they’re waiting until the end of the game period. Either way — hope it’s coming sometime!! I also hope you’re a big winner, but it will be at least $25. Congrats!

  • jay says:

    Got my $100 card in the mail today

    • Juli says:

      Glad they’re rolling in. I’m still waiting for mine. I hope they didn’t forget me! :) Enjoy that 100 bucks — congrats!!

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