Diamondbacks Lost, but Still Scored 6 ~ Free Tacos at Taco Bell?


The Diamondbacks have been on a roll with six runs.  I don’t post it every time, so make sure you are checking their schedule if you have a random Taco Bell craving.  :)

I thought some of you might be confused with the loss, but I wanted to assure you that you still get the deal, even though they lost 8 – 12.

Here are the rules . .

For Arizona residents, participating Taco Bells will give you three free tacos when you purchase a large drink, if the Diamondbacks score at least 6 runs.  (A win or loss doesn’t matter — well, for the tacos!)  :)  The deal is only good the day after the game from 4pm – 6pm.   No coupon is necessary.  Large drinks are $1.69 at my Taco Bell.

Note:  You can pay 30¢ more for a limeade of freeze,  30¢ extra for each Dorito taco, or get all three “Miggy” style (sour cream & tomatoes) for $1.

Looking for other deals like this around Arizona . . . check out:  Bargain Believer website or Facebook page

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2 Responses to “Diamondbacks Lost, but Still Scored 6 ~ Free Tacos at Taco Bell?”

  • Kathleen says:

    Yes, it’s called Miggy style where they make each taco supreme {adding sour cream & tomatoes} for only a $1.00 more (its usually .50 cents per taco, so it’s a good price) .30 cents extra per taco if you want it in a Doritos shell and you can upgrade your drink into a limeade or freeze for .30 cents more

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for the specifics! I just updated the post with the correct vocabulary. :) We still haven’t been there this year and will have to go soon. My husband and son aren’t taco lovers, so the Dbacks need to time their win when it’s a good night for the girls and I to go alone — or just drag the boys along and hope they survive. :) Thank you!

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