Fry’s Fuel Points Program Explained ~ Gas Stations: Shell, Circle K, Fry’s


Update:  The giveaway has ended, but all the fuel rewards information is still accurate and good information, so read on!  Congrats to Michelle A!  Thanks to everyone who entered!

Fry’s invited me to a social media night at the Diamondbacks game.  It definitely wasn’t a torturous meeting, to say the least.   :)   They shared about their fuel program and Diamondbacks Rewards for a few minutes and then we sat back and watched the game in their suite.   (More to come on Dbacks rewards.)  I left with a gift card, bag of goodies, full stomach, and two $50 gift cards to give away.   I’m going to save one for later and one is up for grabs now.

I learned something new, as I was reading the fine print, so read on!

Most of you are probably pros with the Fry’s fuel points, but did you know the last two bullet points?  It’s also explained in last paragraph.  I bet many of you didn’t.  It’s tricky and could cost you, if you don’t!

This is also your reminder that you can get double fuel points through 6/30/13, when you shop on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday — if you load this digital coupon once.

We should be seeing a  new coupon to load, for 2x fuel points, during the week.  When it’s available, we’ll post it.


You can use your fuel points at Fry’s, Shell, or Circle K as stations.  Here’s a link to their full program details, but I’ll summarize them below.

Earning points:

  • 1 point for every dollar you spend
    (more points than out of pocket cost with coupons, not sure of formula)
  • 50 points for every non-federally funded prescription filled
  • double points on qualifying gift card purchases
    (excludes Fry’s, Mastercard, etc.)
  • each month total resets
  • no limit on how many points earned
  • occasional promotions to earn bonus points

Redeeming points:

  • use VIP card at Fry’s, Shell, or Circle K (or key in alternate #)
    (Fry’s has scanners for small keychain cards, others don’t)
  • 10¢ per gallon discount for every 100 points you accumulate
  • maximum redemption is 1,000 pts. ($1 off per gallon) at a time
  • use during current month earned or following month only
  • discount for up to 35 gallons of gas per redemption
  • automatically get highest discount at Shell or Circle K
    (can’t change, even if want to use lower discount from previous month that expires sooner)
  • can choose point amount to redeem at Fry’s stations
    (choose amount less than or equal to oldest points and they will be redeemed before new ones)

The last two bullet points can be important.  BE CAREFUL and make sure you understand it!  If you have 20¢ off from January and 30¢ off from February, you will automatically get the 30¢ off at Shell or Circle K if you redeem in February.  The 20¢ discount will still be there, but may expire before you use them.  Don’t assume that because you saved 30¢ per gallon that you used up your oldest points, that are about to expire.  You didn’t!  The only way to redeem those before the most recently earned points is by going to a Fry’s station and manually changing the amount.  If you make it less than or equal to what you earned the first month, it will automatically take those first.

If I’m confusing you, you can read their fine print and examples.  I think I just confused myself, but I’m not sure they will make it any clearer.  :)

Now for the giveaway for a $50 Fry’s gift card!

To enter . . .  Leave a separate comment for any number(s) listed below, no more than three total, separate entries.  (“I don’t follow” or “I don’t have” answers will be removed and won’t count as an entry.)  I use a program that automatically chooses the winner, so if you combine answers into one comment, it’s viewed as only one entry and won’t increase your chance of winning.  LEAVE SEPARATE COMMENTS!

1)  Do you use the Fry’s Fuel Rewards program?  (Any answer = entry)
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The giveaway will end on Monday, 7/1/13, at 8pm AZ time.  I will email the winner and they will have 48 hours to respond.  If I don’t hear back from the winner by then, I will have to choose another winner.


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