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Use code:  BL20 to save 20% off your FIRST order (expires 3/31/17)
(They have 15%, or close, codes all the time.  Email me if you want to get the current code.)  juli@bargainbeliever.com

I have my order placed and I thought I’d remind you to do the same . . .

Zaycon Foods is coming back with several meats.  You pre-pay for a bulk amount and pick it up, drive-thru style.  You’ll have to check to see what is in your area, but below are what are near me.  (Sorry, none in Tucson this time.  They often have them, so sign up for notifications.)

The ordering deadlines and delivery dates are different for each area.  Sometimes, they sell out, so keep that in mind.

If you don’t have the freezer space or want to spend that much money, consider splitting it with someone.


Breaded Chicken Tenders (fully cooked):  $2.19/lb for 20 lbs = $43.80
I really like their chicken breasts (not available right now),
so I want to try the chicken tenders.  I have my order placed!



Buffalo Wings:  $3.15/lb for 20 lbs = $63.00



Bacon:  $3.49/lb for 36 lbs  = $125.64



Ground Beef, 93% Lean:  $3.49/lb for 40 lbs = $139.60
    For a price comparison:  This will go on sale for around $2.99/lb
from time to time (in local stores), but there is usually a limit.

In the past, I’ve been happy with the quality of everything I ordered.  Click on the “product” tab for more details on each item.  They give you full descriptions of most products.

Sign up if you don’t see an event in your area.  They hit some more remote areas from time to time and may be more likely to head your way if they see more interest.  They’ll email you when an event is near you.


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