Coupon Class Links ~ Anyone Can Read Them :)

Links for You . . .

I’m putting this back on top for the new coupon class graduates.  :)  And, anyone else who wants some helpful links!

Here are the links I published after my last coupon class and promised the class this afternoon.  Hope they’re helpful!

The links will help you get to some of the important information.  Also, don’t forget that there is a Facebook page!  We post additional offers over there, mostly Facebook only deals and ones we think will be gone very quickly.  You can also ask questions over there.  Sometimes another reader will beat me to answering it, if I’m not around.  Plus, it’s just more interactive.

Here are some links for you . . .

Arizona Republic Newspaper, $12 for 3 months — home delivery on Sundays & Wednesdays, cancel at end if you don’t want to pay full price

Saving Star — future savings, “click away,” payout at $5+

Ibotta — mobile app that gives you money back for certain items

Safeway JustforU – explains everything you need to know, then sign up!

Video explaining the shopping list function – Try it, you’ll like it!  :)

Organizing coupons — list of categories, etc.

Store policies — print out the ones you shop at

Here are some other general links to help jog your memory.

And, someone asked me about how I save on meat (after the class).  I just wait for sales or use Zaycon Foods for buying bulk meats, especially boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  (Update:  They are currently taking orders for chicken for $1.84/lb for 40 pounds.)

If I missed something important or you have a question, just leave a comment below.  Thanks! ~ Juli


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2 Responses to “Coupon Class Links ~ Anyone Can Read Them :)”

  • Julia says:

    Thanks for the coupon class. I came to the Tuesday class. For good deals on meat, I go to American Discount Foods in Mesa. I paid $1.29/lb for all natural, antibiotic-free chicken earlier this week.

    • Juli says:

      You’re right! I’m lucky to live near them, too! My one critical comment about them is that I don’t like how their ads don’t tell you if it’s frozen, fresh, past expiration, etc. BUT, you can find some amazing deals there. I need to go there more often. Do you get their daily emails? It’s worth it to see their deals on the day. Every once in awhile, they’ll lure me in with one. :)

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