1¢ Photo Prints from Snapfish ~ Other Photo Deals (Calendars, Mouse Pads, Photo Books)


You can get penny prints from Snapfish.

April said that when you add in the tax, cheapest shipping option and penny cost . . . it works out to 8¢ per print!

Use code:  STARPENNY (expires 12/14/13)
Excludes:  deco prints, collage prints, Disney themed products

You should be able to use the code more than once, placing more than one order, if you desire.

I believe you also get 20 free prints if you’re a new customer.  You’ll have to play around with that.  I’m not sure if you’ll have to order those first, separately or how ti will work.

Here are a couple other offers they have going on, though I don’t know shipping costs:

Buy one photo book and get two free!
Use code:  MERRYBOOK
(expires 12/14/13)

Buy one calendar and get two free!
Use code:  MERRYCAL
(expires 12/12/13)

Here are some more deals, with codes listed on the page.
Photobooks, mousepads, calendars, etc.

(Thanks, April!)


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2 Responses to “1¢ Photo Prints from Snapfish ~ Other Photo Deals (Calendars, Mouse Pads, Photo Books)”

  • Laurie says:

    Tip on penny prints: you don’t have to order the whole offer, for example, some companies will offer, say 101 penny or free prints, but if you only order 99 prints, the shipping would be about $3 less. Can’t remember the exact numbers, but it’s something like that. (sorry, accidentally commented this under a different post the first time!)

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for the tip! I hope to get myself organized enough to take advantage of this offer. I’ll have to play around with the numbers and test a large amount on one print, before I decide what all I want. Thank you!

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