75% off CVS Clearance ~ More than Just Christmas Items!


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CVS has their Christmas clearance marked down to 75% off.  (Food is only 50% off and the fragrance sets are also not included.  Update:  I went to another one and the candy was 75% off, so it will vary.)  My very favorite deals are not Christmas items.  I went a little crazy.  Here are the prices on some of the things I bought . . . there’s more, though!

Speaker/CD player/radio “thing” — compatible with Iphone (etc) and Androids = $24.99
Gaming chair = $9.99
Tripod flashlight = $3.25
Air compressor = $3.75
Basketball hoop = $4.99
Coin sorter = $2.49
Lantern = $2.49
Party animal (dances to any music) = $6.25
Jump rope = $1.25
Tool “thing” = $1.25
Headphone splitter = $1.25
Silicone Christmas spatula = 99¢
Lump of coal = 75¢
Not pictured:  Wrapping paper = 99¢

Some of them, we’ll use right away.  Others, I’m tucking away for birthday gifts or Christmas next year.

Sometimes, not all stores within the same chain marks things down at the same time, but I hope it’s widespread!

Note:  Walgreens, Walmart, and Target are still at 50%, though Target raised the food to 50% off (up from 30% off earlier.)

Come back weekly to see the best CVS deals matched with printable and Sunday insert coupons!  We also do other stores.  See the top of the website for the complete list.


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Reader Feedback

8 Responses to “75% off CVS Clearance ~ More than Just Christmas Items!”

  • Joanie says:

    Where did you find the items like the gaming chair in your store? Thanks in advance.

    • Juli says:

      They were all near the Christmas items (that are slowly being overtaken by Valentine’s stuff). It’s with all the gift items that they carry during the holidays. I went to another one and they didn’t have nearly as much, but their candy was 75% off. In case you’re nearby, we just returned the gaming chair to the one at Elliot & Rural. (It may still be behind the counter, so ask for it.) They didn’t have any others. I took the last one from Dobson & Warner, so don’t go there. I wish I would have held onto it and let you get it from me! My son and husband decided they changed their setup and won’t use it. I was happy for the excuse to drag them to one nearby where another errand took us all. :) Let’s just say I’ve spend way too much at CVS today! Hope you can find it!

      • Joanie says:

        Sent my husband out and he found stuff in the west valley for 75% off. No gaming chairs but lots of kid toys for the gift closet and donations next year. He even got a telescope for $5. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Mandy says:

    I went to two different stores in Chandler, and everything is still 50% off. I even scanned a couple items to double check :-(

    • Juli says:

      :( I was hoping it was everywhere. I got the stuff pictured at Warner & Dobson and just got back from Elliot & Rural. There was much more gift-type things at the Dobson store, but the Rural one had candy 75% off. (Very few things I pictured were at the Elliot store.) They also had cosmetic gifts 75% off. I forgot to check the Dobson store. If you’re in north Chandler, those aren’t far. Good luck!

    • Kristin says:

      FYI, the Chandler store I went to scanned at 50% off but then at the register, they took another 50% off, making it 75% off (Dobson/Chandler). So may want to check with an employee to see if it’s 75% off and not just go by the scanner :)

      • Juli says:

        I just got home from that same store. They adjusted all the prices for me, too. I didn’t plan on going, but my daughter begged me. She may be doomed to be a die hard bargain hunter. :) She’s eleven and called me when I was at Fry’s. She didn’t hear where I was going and was worried I went to CVS without her. :) I bargained with her. If we went to another CVS, she had to come home and make ham and potato soup with me, without complaining. She lucked out . . . we hit Burger King on the way home. I was too tired! I guess I have dinner planned for tomorrow, though. Thanks for the tip!

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