Disney on Ice Ticket Winner & Discount Code ~ My Favorite Comment, too! :)


Sorry for the delay in choosing the winner — my time has been stretched & disappearing lately!

Congratulations to Angela, who is most like Alice!  :)  (an . . .1@yahoo.com)  Here’s her comment:
“I am most like Alice…I am curious.”

I had fun reading all your comments.  There are a lot of Cinderellas out there.  I hope all of your toilets clean themselves and your laundry comes out of the dryer FOLDED, today!  :)

This is my very favorite comment . . .

“I asked my husband which Disney character I was most like.  Without answering, he asked back which character he was most like.  I, of course said “Prince Charming.” He then said if he was most like Prince Charming, then I was most like Pinocchio…”   (From Danielle — Thanks for sharing and a good laugh!)  :)

If you didn’t win and want information the Disney on Ice show in Phoenix, check out my original post.  There’s even a discount code!


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