Email Subscribers . . . You’re Missing Out!

We have recently discovered that email subscribers are only getting the six most recent posts in your email feeds.  We’re working on finding a solution, but in the meantime you’re missing out!!  It’s been busy and we’re posting more than that.

Come to the website and scroll through all the posts!

If you’re a Facebook user, make sure you follow over there.  You will get even get some extras (mostly deals that will probably disappear quickly).  You also get the benefit of seeing other people’s comments and questions, to help you out.  Come on over!


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2 Responses to “Email Subscribers . . . You’re Missing Out!”

  • Cindi says:

    I thought your site automatically generated a new email to us every 6 posts. But I follow on FB too, so I’m probably seeing what I need to see :-)

    • Juli says:

      Close . . . it’s automatic, but every 24 hours. It’s supposed to include anything that didn’t go out the last time. I can’t find the setting and there might be a limit. BUT, I’m hoping my brilliant husband can figure it out and I’m missing something. I keep forgetting to ask him at the right time. :) Glad you’re on FB and keep up that way!

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