FREE Harkins Cup Deal ~ Circle K w/ Coke Purchase!


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Bryan told us about this deal on Facebook this morning.  I knew I had to test it out since we still need a cup for Harkins next year.  My kids were happy to come with me, so they could get a 79¢ Polar Pop to share.  Those things are huge.  I digress . . . here’s the deal . . .

  • Buy a 12-pk of Coke at Circle K, get a voucher of a FREE 2014 Harkins loyalty cup
  • Promotion ends 2/2/13
  • Coupon will automatically print, when purchase is made
  • Price:  $5.29 each or two for $8
  • If you buy two in one transaction, only one voucher will print.
    (Thanks for confirming that, Phil!)
  • Redeem coupon at Harkins by 2/28/14 for a cup, filled with a drink!  ($5 value!)
  • The cup will get you $1.50 refills for all of 2014!

(Thanks, Bryan!)


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6 Responses to “FREE Harkins Cup Deal ~ Circle K w/ Coke Purchase!”

  • Phil says:

    I can confirm that buying two in one transaction only prints one coupon. My packs had $1/2 peelies on them so got two for $7. Also promotion ends 2/2/14.

  • gabriela says:

    I just came from CircleK, I bought a pack of 12-pk coke and NO coupon came out, the lady said that was 2 L coke. somebody know more about this deal?

    • Juli says:

      :( I did it myself, in Chandler, before I posted it. Maybe it’s not all over the state?? I’m not sure where you are, but I assumed it would be everywhere. I bought a 12-pk of Coke — two different times and it printed. I also heard that you can get three 20-oz Cokes, but I haven’t verified that. I’m not sure if your store had a sign up or not, but mine did. If it does, make sure you point it out to them — though I’m not sure what they can do to get the coupon for you. :( Obviously, you can return the one you got (if you didn’t already). Hope you can get it to work, somehow!

  • michelle says:

    So I read it was 3 20oz cokes… Asked the cashier how long the promotion was good for… He didn’t now… Anyhow went ahead and bought the drinks but no coupon printed… Maybe I read it wrong or was suppose to pish a button on the kiosk/printer, I don’t know. Didn’t want to be late for work so maybe I’ll swing by later and follow up…

    • Juli says:

      Someone told me they heard it was three 20 oz Cokes, but that it didn’t work for them either. If I remember right, someone said it did work for them, though. So . . ??? At my Circle K, there was a sign by the 12-pks and that’s the only thing I tested. It was all automatic and I didn’t have to do anything. I’m not sure if there was one by the 20 oz Cokes or not. I did walk by the coolers, but if it was there, it didn’t catch my attention. Of course, stores are missing signs all the time, so ?? Hope you can get it!

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