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Fry’s has digital coupons for lots of different gift cards.  Sort by “most recent” to see the newest ones.   There are new ones each day, through Christmas.  If you haven’t looked at them in awhile, sort by “value”.  Most of the gift card ones will be at the top of the list.

This is a great way to get a deal on top of a deal.  You can use them as gifts or use them for yourself if you shop there anyway.   You’ll also get 2x Fuel Points for any gift card purchased.  So, a $50 gift card will get you 100 fuel points.

Be sure to check Fry’s digital coupons daily as they sometimes have ones that are only available to load for one day.

My favorite is Buy 2 Old Navy Gift Cards, save $10.  I shop there  a lot anyway, so I might as well save some money before I even walk in the door!


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