I LOVE My Target Card ~ 5% off & Free Shipping ALWAYS!! (Debit or Credit)

REDcard gives you more. Apply now.

I went to Target last night and I have to start with saving that I love my Target credit card!  (Debit has the same perks!)  I can use sales, store coupons, manufacturer’s coupons, and Cartwheel AND still save an additional 5% — not to mention get free shipping, if I order online!

I’m not positive how long it will take for your card to come, but you can get immediate approval for the credit card.  You may be able to start saving on Christmas presents right away.

You can now apply for one online.

Apply for debit card.  (Some applications take a few days to confirm bank account)

Apply for credit card.  (You will get immediate approval.)

Here are some benefits . . . the first two are my favorite, though the next two are nice, too!

  • 5% off every day (in store or online)
  • Free shipping at Target.com
  • Extended returns — 30 extra days
  • Up to 1% of purchases go to school you designate

I love that I can order an item I see in their ad, without having to go pick it up in the store.   I pay nothing extra, still saving my 5%!  With Christmas approaching, you can even have items shipped directly to the recipient for FREE!

** I know that using credit or debit cards is controversial.  We use credit cards for just about everything we purchase, for the perks.  We also pay it off every month and don’t spend any extra because it’s going on a credit card.  But, I hear that we’re not “normal.”  :)  It really is as painful for me to hand over a credit card as cash.  If you are tempted to spend more and/or are paying interest on your purchase — skip it!  I want to stress that saving 5% or getting free shipping is NOT a good deal, if you fall into that category.  Okay, my public service announcement is almost over . . . don’t overspend this season!!  :)


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2 Responses to “I LOVE My Target Card ~ 5% off & Free Shipping ALWAYS!! (Debit or Credit)”

  • Joanie says:

    Does it cost anything to have this card, like annual fee or application fee? We never looked into it because years ago when we were first asked at the register if we wanted to apply the girl said it wasn’t free so we never looked into it. Has that changed? Thanks!

    • Juli says:

      Nope! There aren’t any fees at all, unless you don’t pay off your full balance each month. It’s such a nice bonus and super simple. I think I’m finally in the habit of remembering to use it when I’m there. That part took me awhile. :)

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