Papa Johns Discount Codes, Offers, Deals ~ Nice Ones!!


If you have 15 Papa John’s reward points accumulated, you can redeem them for a large one-topping pizza, though December 26th.  The “price” is usually 25 pts, so this is nice!  Use code: 15PZZA when you check out.

They also have a sweet gift card promotion going on, through December 31st.  When you get a $25 gift card, you get a free one-topping pizza!

Recently, I ordered and paid for the $25 gift card online.  I chose “pay in store” and then used the certificate I purchased, to buy my 50% off pizza.  I also got an extra pizza for free!

And, maybe???   Gina found this code in a mailer in Prescott Valley.  It works for her, but not for me, in Chandler.
Also, I’m not sure if it’s only up here or not as it was in one of our mailers.  But, we have promo code RWTEN and it takes $10 off any order of $10!  That’s like free pizza.  It has to be reg. menu price, but I think a reg. pizza is like $12, so $2!  Sweet!  I didn’t know if it would work in Phx.”

Here are codes I try, when I want to get 50% off my online orders  . . .
None of these are working today.  :(  (Friday, 12/20)

ASU50 (after different sports teams win)
CARDINALS50 (when in season)
DBACKS50 (when in season)
COYOTES (when in season)
PJ101 (hasn’t worked for awhile, but just in case)

If those fail and you don’t have points saved:
SAVE25 (for 25% off)


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2 Responses to “Papa Johns Discount Codes, Offers, Deals ~ Nice Ones!!”

  • Joanie says:

    Is the 15 point code correct because it is not working for me? It says invalid. I have enough points saved up for 3 free pizzas also so that is not the problem. Thanks.


    • Juli says:

      I’m not sure what is up. I’ve had to call the helpline before and they were able to fix whatever it was. I got an email at it said for Papa Rewards members, so I assume it’s for anyone who has points. Here’s what it said:

      Papa’s Weekly Special Rewards
      One Week Only!
      Large 1-Topping
      Pizza for only
      15 Rewards Points
      Valid though December 26
      Use Promo Code:
      when ordering

      Hope you can get it!!

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