Safeway’s JustforU Explained ~ Can You Stack Coupons? Etc!

We get a lot of questions about the Just for U program at Safeway.  We don’t blame you.  It’s confusing!

I’ve posted most of this before, but wanted to get it back up there for new people to see and to remind all you “old-timers.”  :)

First of all, understand that we can’t tell exactly what the coupon will be, just by looking at Safeway’s ads.   :(  Since the coupons aren’t online until Wednesday (and we do the coupon match ups before that), we go back in and tweak the deals slightly, if needed.  (If we miss something, let us know!)  For instance, it makes a difference whether it’s “save 50¢” or “$2.00” (down from $2.50) and the ad isn’t always clear.

If you use the Safeway lists we provide, we will note when you can combine a coupon with another one, etc.  But, if you want to get a deal that’s not on the list or is your personalized deal, you need to know some basics.

So, here they are . . .

First of all, you will need to register your Safeway card into the Just4U program.  You will get FREE eggs for doing it! (At least, I think you still do, but no promises.)  If you have difficulties or need to make sure you have the proper card in your account, call them at 1-877-SAFEWAY.

There are three parts to the Just4U program . . .

coupon_centerCoupon Center

  • Load digital (eCoupons) (simply click to load to card, after signed in)
  • Digital coupons do not double
  • One time use for each digital coupon (unless noted differently)
  • Some have a limit of more than one product, but you have to get all items in same transaction
  • Coupons that say “save” are manufacturers’ coupons
    (can not combine with another paper manufacturer’s coupon)
  • Products with a price point or say “off” are store coupons (ex. $2.99 or $1 off)
    (can use a paper manufacturer’s coupon with it)
  • “Default” is organized by your shopping history, but you can choose other categories on the side
    Items you purchased in the past are on top
  • “Best deal wins!” — Load anything you might use!
    If you try to use a paper coupon that’s worth more, eCoupon is not used & vice versa
  • Sometimes there is a “Friday Only” sale in their ad that can be extended longer, if you load the coupon.
    If you go on Friday, you can get the deal without the coupon being loaded.  Not anymore, only available in store on Friday.  :(


Personalized Deals

  • Only valid for YOU (requires click to load to card, not automatic)
  • Deals are sometimes based on your previous purchasing patterns
  • “On sale” for you through expiration date listed
  • Can use more than one time (unless noted differently)
  • Read limits and details on coupon you load


Your Club Specials

  • Lists items on sale that aren’t in ad, that you have purchased in the past
    Lists will vary from person to person, but the prices are good for everyone
  • Prices valid at store you shop at most (listed at bottom)
    Most likely, good at neighboring stores if in same geographic area

I suggest that you download the Safeway app on your phone.  It’s a simple way to keep track of what you have loaded or quickly load something while you’re in the store.

Hope this helps!


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Reader Feedback

8 Responses to “Safeway’s JustforU Explained ~ Can You Stack Coupons? Etc!”

  • Dina says:

    I found in the past that the mobile app isn’t very good (not user friendly, doesn’t update immediately, etc), has it been updated?


    • Juli says:

      It works pretty well, for me. It seems to take awhile to open, but after that everything runs smoothly. I assumed that it was my phone’s issue, but maybe not. Give it a try again. I always seem to be verifying something on there — like that I actually loaded a coupon that I think I did, but am not positive. Or, I see a shelf tag and remember that I forgot to load one. The whole system is a pain, with a lot of hoops to jump through, but the savings can be really good. Of course, you can do it without the app, too! Good luck!

  • Arnold Semmons says:

    About half the time I shop at Safeway, I end up going to the customer service desk to get refunds for those Just4U deals that don’t show up on my receipt. I would advise all of you to scrutinize your receipt before you leave the store as you may also find at least one error in J4U pricing.

    • Juli says:

      I agree with you!! Even before JustforU started, I ended up there a lot. My young (at the time) kids were the first to notice. I’d say that we were going to Safeway and they’d say, “No! Not Safeway. We always end up at customer service.” Now, throw in JustforU and it’s awful. It doesn’t help that their receipts are so hard to read. It’s hard to tell what you’re paying. I spend half the time telling them what I paid. Some of the cashiers know they can’t read it and just believe me. Others spend another 5 min. trying to figure it out themselves. Very frustrating!! Thanks for the reminder to check them. It’s really important!

      Sorry for the late reply on this. Somehow, it was in my spam folder for comments. I have no clue why!?!?

      • debbie binder says:

        Ha, Ha. I had to read your post to DH. It sounded just like ME! I am always at customer service. Once, the associate dragged me through the entire store, price checking like 5 items…. But, it’s worth it. I just wonder how much $ they make on the majority of folks who never look at their reciept.

        • Juli says:

          The worst are the sales where it says “Buy 4, Save $4.” If it’s in their system correctly, you can buy $5 and save $5. It will all come off automatically. Of course, nobody in there knows this and their signs are confusing. Sometimes they say buy “at least 4.” Anyway, if those are not in the system and someone drags you to read the sign — good luck! They always have some explanation as to why it didn’t come off and shouldn’t have come off. :(

          I’ve found that I if you put your Club card in first, it makes the receipt a little more consistent — still consistently awful, but as least you can stick with the same secret formula to figure out what you might have paid for the item. :)

          There really has to be an easier way they could do things!! Of course, they never asked me, though I’ve told them many times — even called their corporate! I should start a “call corporate” campaign. They need to keep hearing it over and over — their receipts stink!!

          Here, call or email corporate. :)

  • debbie binder says:

    Thank you so much. I often wondered why sometimes they would take a stacked coupon and some times not…. Very helpful

    • Juli says:

      Glad it helped! It’s crazy that it has to be this complicated, but it is what it is, I guess. It is a great way to save money, if you’re willing to figure it all out. Happy saving!

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