Toys R Us New to Ibotta (get $5 off $100 purchase), Plus Coinstar $10 Bonus


Ibotta has a special offer for Toys R Us.  Spend $100 or more in a single store visit, earn $5!

If you don’t use Ibotta, give it a whirl!

Here’s a little more about it, if you aren’t familiar with it:

You can use it at most major stores stores like Fry’s, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Safeway, etc.  They are adding new retailers all the time, like AMC movies, Home Depot and Lowes!

After you download the app:

  • Click to complete short “tasks” for items you’re interested in
  • Buy selected products
  • Take a picture of your receipt & UPC
  • Get $$ into your account
  • Cash out when you hit $5
  • New offers will soon appear in your app

Note:  If you are buying a lot, I would the item rung separately or with a couple other items.  It’s a pain to take a picture of a long receipt.  Also note that you can use coupons and still get the savings, but I’m always worried, if my total is going to be $0.00, so I add other items to the receipt.

ADDITIONAL TOYS ‘R US DEAL!   Here is Coinstar deal that you can do before you head to Toys R Us to maximize your savings.  If you turn in at least $40 worth of coins at a Coinstar machine inside a Safeway store, you can get a $10 bonus.  You must select your payout in a Toys ‘R Us eGift card to get the bonus.  So, whatever you put in (beyond $40) plus $10 will be given to you in a Toys ‘R Us gift eGift card.   There are no extra fees.   This offer goes through  12/15/13.  (Thanks, Robin!)

Here are the full details.  Check out the full Safeway match ups, to see what other bargain you can get while you’re there!


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