Walgreens ~ Free 8×10 Enlargement??


Update:  It’s not working anymore.  :(
(Thanks, Mandy, Lydia, Stephanie, & Laura!)

Udpate:  #2
It looks like this is working for some.
Lydia said it worked from her mobile.
I have no clue!  I did it from my laptop this morning, so !??!
(Thanks, Lydia & Jen!)

Walgreens is offering a free 8×10 enlargement.

The problem is, I don’t know when it ends.
I just tested it and it’s working right now (9am on 12/18).
(I guess it was supposed to expire yesterday.)
Please comment when it won’t work anymore.

Go here to create your free print!

Use code:  TODAY8X10 at checkout

Choose pick up in store and your total will be nothing at checkout.
If you want it shipped, it’s only 99¢.

Note:  If you’re getting anything else, use the code GETIT30 for 30% off.
That code is good through December 21st, 2013.You’ll probably have to place a separate order.

(Thanks, Liz, Susan, & Mr. Couponer!)


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