How to Change Zip Code on ~ NEW & Simple Now!


I’m very excited about this . . . you can now change your zip code for coupons from really easily!

There is a link on the top menu bar of that will get you right to where you need to be.

You may want to bookmark this:

All you need to do it type in the zip you’re looking for(top left) and hit enter or click the arrow.  Done!  Just remember that if you go directly to or through another direct link (to a specific coupon we provide), you will still be in that zip, unless you change it again.  With direct links, it won’t matter.  You can get them from any zip.

On the coupon match ups, we’ll still give you direct links, when they are available.   When they aren’t, we’ll give you the zip we used and the link to that page.  It should make it super simple for you.

For now, go browse a few zips.  Here are some, just because ?? . . .
85225 (mine)
77477 (a few amazing ones right now!)

Note:  One of the main ways I make money on this site (for myself and to pay those that help me) is when you use the links we provide.  When you type in “” and go directly there, we don’t get anything.  Thanks for using the links we give you and keeping us going!

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