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Links for You . . .

I did a super speedy coupon “thing” today for a homeschool group.  Welcome, ladies!

Here’s the list I promised all of you.  If you’re somewhat new around here, check out some of the the links and information.  If you’re an old pro — keep on scrolling for the next deal you missed today.  :)

The links will help you get to some of the important information.  Also, don’t forget that there is a Facebook page!  We post additional offers over there, mostly Facebook only deals and ones we think will be gone very quickly.  You can also ask questions over there.  Sometimes another reader will beat me to answering it, if I’m not around.  Plus, it’s just more interactive.

Here are some links for you . . .

Arizona Republic Newspaper, $12 for 3 months — home delivery on Sundays & Wednesdays, cancel at end if you don’t want to pay full price

Saving Star — future savings, “click away,” payout at $5+

Checkout 51 — mobile app that gives you money back for certain items

Ibotta — mobile app that gives you money back for certain items

Safeway JustforU – explains everything you need to know, then sign up!

Video explaining the shopping list function – Try it, you’ll like it!  :)

Organizing coupons — list of categories, etc.

Pogo Pass — annual pass for family fun around the Valley

Zaycon Foods  — for buying bulk meats, especially boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Birthday freebie list  — over 100, sign up so freebies roll in soon!

Store policies — print out policies for store you shop at

Here are some other general links to help jog your memory.

If you want the daily emails, sign up here.  (Make sure you click on the confirmation email that you’ll receive.)

Facebook — great way to stay connected, if you’re on there a lot

If I missed something important or you have a question, just leave a comment below.  Thanks! ~ Juli


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6 Responses to “Helpful Links & Info for Newcomers”

  • Wendi says:

    Thank you, Juli, for the great class you did for us today. I was happy to hear the extra information that you gave on rain checks, I did not know that. It was nice to actually hear your information at a class, thank you again.

  • Meg says:

    Do you know anywhere to get cheap power bars? My son has football after school and we need to get some to put in backpack so that he has something . He does not want anything with nuts, and says he wants tiger bars with chocolate/peanut butter. Any suggestions on brands that taste like that for cheap….so many out there! Thanks

    • Juli says:

      I have no idea about bars. I have to be honest and say that I’m afraid of them since I’ve had a couple and am not a fan. I lump them all together and only eat Nature Valley granola bars. I’m kind of a “bar” snob. :)

      Some will see your comment here, but more would see it on Facebook. If you feel like it, leave your question over on the Bargain Believer FB page. Maybe someone will have some advice for you.

      Good luck! I know those can be expensive. :(

    • Juli says:

      I just came across this Catlaina offer (that I forgo about), as I was adding one to the list:
      Power Bar Products
      12/30/2013 – 01/26/2014 (haven’t tested, rec’d printout at Fry’s)
      Buy 6-9 = $2.00
      Buy 10-14 = $3.00
      Buy 15 or more = $4.00

      It was from Fry’s, but may be going on other places, too. It’s not a huge savings, but if you can find a sale, it would be a nice bonus.

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