5 + 5 FREE Reams of Paper (Again!) ~ After Rebate at Staples


You can do this deal again, if you did it last week.
There is a new rebate period and number on this one.

You can get a free 5-ream case of paper at Staples, after the Easy Rebate.
(You will have to pay tax.)
You will receive a $21 Visa card, by postal mail.  (limit 2)

You will need to print this coupon and head to Staples by 1/25/14.
You can submit for two rebates at the same time, getting a $42 Visa card.

There is another coupon for 15% off your purchase, on that same coupon page.
Most stores will not allow you to use this with the other one.
(The coupon states that it can’t be combined, but some may let you.)
My store did not let me and Nativemama’s wouldn’t (Thanks, Nativemama!)

Do a separate transaction if you want to use the 15% off on anything else.

Easy Rebates are really that . . . EASY!
You can submit them online and don’t have to cut UPC’s.

This is not the same as their Staples Rewards, where you get store credit.
This is a true rebate and much better, in my opinion.

Note:  Noah says that if you order it online and choose in store pick up, you save $1 each!  (Thanks, Noah!)


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6 Responses to “5 + 5 FREE Reams of Paper (Again!) ~ After Rebate at Staples”

  • Nicole Brown says:

    I am curious if they will take the 15% off coupon. Te disclaimer says it cannot be combined with another coupon so I wonder if they consider the rebate a “coupon”. Please let me know! Thanks for the post!!

    • Juli says:

      I’ve done similar things, in the past, but it may vary. Beyond just the rebate, you are also using a coupon for the paper, so ?? I’m hoping for the best, but still willing to only pay tax for it. I’ll update Wednesday, if not sooner. I may squeeze in a trip before or after Old Spaghetti Company tonight, so check back for an update this evening — possibly. :)

  • Michelle says:

    When I tried to order online, it says this item is unavailable to order online.

    • Juli says:

      I wonder if that means that store is out or it’s never available. Since Noah did it, some stores must allow it. If you’re going to pick it up, I would call to see if they have any. My store was out, but said they were getting a shipment in on Wednesday. Good luck! Sorry it didn’t work online.

  • Nativemama says:

    I did mine and they would not allow me to use the 15% off coupons with the paper reams, so I had to do 2 transactions so that my other items would get the 15%, cashier pointed out that coupons states it cannot be combined with any other coupon offer.

    • Juli says:

      I’ll update the post again. I went last night and has the same result. I guess I must have had a nice cashier months ago, when I combined a rebate coupon and a % off one. Thanks for the comment!

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