Local Dines ~ 50% off Certificates ~ Nello’s in Scottsdale & Many More!


You can purchase certificates for 50% off (sometime more) for dining at local restaurants, through Local Dines.

It’s hard for me to highlight specific restaurants for Local Dines since they are mostly small locally owned businesses.  But, I just saw Nello’s (Scottsdale location) and I would be all over that, if I was closer.   I may still use it as an excuse to venture out of my neighborhood and get some great pizza!  :)

You may find a gem right on your corner.  Check your area and see what you can find.  They are all in the metro Phoenix area.


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2 Responses to “Local Dines ~ 50% off Certificates ~ Nello’s in Scottsdale & Many More!”

  • Rebecca B. says:

    I was hoping they’d have little saigon in downtown glendale, but it’s alright. If you ever want a fantastic vietnamese style dinner, try them. Most entrees are 7-10 dollars and you get huge portions! Also, definitely try the pho!

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for the dining suggestions! Too bad they didn’t have want you wanted. Maybe there’s a new favorite on there somewhere, though. :)

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