Papa Johns ~ Coyotes Won Get 50% off Online Orders Today


Im not sure what areas this will work in, but last time it worked in the Phoenix area and in Prescott Valley.  Give it a try, if you live outside those areas.

“All season long, the day after every Coyotes win you get 50% off your regular menu price online order.  The Yotes defeated Edmonton last night, so you get 50% off your total online order today!”

Order online at Papa John’s and use the code COYOTES

It’s good today, January 25th, but remember it’s after EVERY win, all season long!

Also, this Cardinals deal is still going.  It can’t be used with the deal above because it’s not regular menu price, but it’s still a great deal.


Through 2/2/14, you can get a nice deal at Papa John’s.

Get two large 3-topping pizzas for only $15.

When ordering online, use the code: CARDINALS15

I’m hoping this is good throughout Arizona.
Please leave a comment if it’s not working in your area and I’ll update.


Here’s another deal . . . Get a large 1 topping pizza for 30¢ with the purchase of any large pizza at regular menu price.   You don’t need any special promo code.  Just go to “Special Offers” tab and you’ll see the 30th Anniversary Offer.  Click on that and order your pizzas.  This offer ends on January 27th.  (Thanks, Joanie!)  It’s not been extended through 2/1/14.

Here are codes I try, when I want to get 50% off my online orders  . . .
It all depends on what teams win, so they may work one week but not the next.

ASU50 (after different sports teams win)
CARDINALS50 (when in season)
DBACKS50 (when in season)
COYOTES (when in season)


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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Papa Johns ~ Coyotes Won Get 50% off Online Orders Today”

  • Joanie says:

    I got an email from PJ’s today that the $.30 deal ends on the 27th.

  • Joanie says:

    Even though the code ended for the $.30 pizza deal it is still an option now under Special Orders when you login. Note- I originally entered the topping pizza first and then a cheese pizza and it was charging more and then redid it entering the cheese pizza first and then the topping pizza and paid less.

    • Juli says:

      Right after you told me the ending date, I got another email saying it had been extended through 2/1. Glad you figured out the way to get it the cheapest!

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