Pogo Pass ~ Sales and/or Fundraising Opportunity


First of all, if you don’t know what the Pogo Pass is, go read here.  If you live in the Phoenix area and have some room in the budget for family fun, I think this is a super deal.  My family has passes and we get much more value out of them than what I spent!  I highly recommend spending the upfront money to save on activities all year long.

I think this is a super pass for a group of friends or youth group to purchase.  It would be a year of fun, on a budget!

Secondly, if you have an interest in selling the Pogo Pass and earning a commission on each pass sold, let me know.   You can sell it to family & friends, on your blog/website/large Facebook page, to a group, etc.

Or, if you are part of a group that would like to sell them to raise funds, there’s a great opportunity for you, too.

Please email me if you want details about either opportunity.

juli  @  bargain  believer.  com  (take out the spaces)


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