If You’re Not Already Using Ibotta, Give It a Whirl (super easy way to save)


We’ve been talking a lot about Checkout 51 and Ibotta. They are both apps that help you save money in addition to sales and coupons. They are super easy to use and the savings will add up quickly.

Ibotta has a 50¢ off milk offer that will make for super cheap milk at Fry’s starting tomorrow.  You can also price match the milk at Walmart.

Fry’s Gallon Milk   $1.87 (limit 2)
$0.50/1 Ibotta (phone app, future cash back)
Final price:  $1.87 + possible Ibotta cash back

Right now, they are offering a special welcome aboard bonus for new users. Join Ibotta and redeem your first offer within 10 days of registering. You’ll automatically get a $2 bonus!

If you don’t use Ibotta, give it a whirl!

Here’s a little more about it, if you aren’t familiar with it:

You can use it at most major stores stores like Fry’s, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Safeway, etc. It does not work yet at Albertsons. You can price match an Albertsons price at Walmart and that would work!

After you download the app:

  • Click to complete short “tasks” for items you’re interested in
  • Buy selected products
  • Take a picture of your receipt & UPC
  • Get $$ into your account
  • Cash out when you hit $5
  • New offers will soon appear in your app

Note: If you are buying a lot, I would have the item rung separately or with a couple other items. It’s a pain to take a picture of a long receipt. Also note that you can use coupons and still get the savings, but I’m always worried, if my total is going to be $0.00, so I add other items to the receipt.

And Ibotta now works at Best Buy! They are adding new stores all the time.


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