Tony Roma’s Ribs or Fully Cooked Entree Just $2 at Safeway This Weekend!


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Wow!  This is a great deal.  Tony Roma’s Ribs, 16 oz are only $5 this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  There is a new Facebook coupon for $2 off those ribs.  If you share the coupon on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, the value of the coupon goes to $3!

Tony Roma’s Ribs (16 oz) or Fully Cooked Entree (12 oz)  $5.00 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday ONLY)  (Thanks, CJ!)
$3/1 Facebook (share for $3/1, otherwise $2/1) (gone, use if printed, Thanks, Joanie!)
Final price:  As low as $2.00

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7 Responses to “Tony Roma’s Ribs or Fully Cooked Entree Just $2 at Safeway This Weekend!”

  • Ruthanne says:

    Hi Juli – just showing someone how this site works. Thanks for EVERYTHING you and your helpers do!!! :-)

    • Gina says:

      You’re welcome! Thanks for sharing the site. ~ Juli

      • Juli says:

        Good try, Gina! It says “Gina says” and then “~ Juli.” Ha! Ruthanne, I thought you’d like our double personality, and couldn’t resist giving Gina a hard time. She helps me so much that she assumes my identity sometimes. Glad you’re sharing the site. We (as in both of my identities) appreciate it! I do have great helpers — one that I miss. :( Thanks for all you did when you helped! ~ Juli (~ Gina)

  • Joanie says:

    The FB page says they reached their coupon limit in their comment a few minutes ago. Just missed it.

    • Gina says:

      I had a feeling it would go fast. Sorry you missed it. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll update the post. ~ Gina

  • HaroldS says:

    I’m going for the pulled pork. Had the ribs once before and all they are is bones and sauce – maybe one bite of meat per bone. Not very filling!

    What is your interpretation of “one per purchase” on the $3 coupon? Depends on which cashiers are on duty if I try to get more than one per transaction. But at least it is all weekend so we can keep going back if they only allow one coupon at a time.

    Hope all are cashing in on the Digiorno pizzas at SW. Got 3 today for 77¢ total before tax.

    • Juli says:

      Thanks for the review on the meat. I think your guess about the coupon is about perfect. “Purchase” means something different to everyone, but it should be each one you buy. It doesn’t say “transaction.” Most coupons will say “purchase” and they aren’t limited.

      I haven’t been to Safeway in a couple weeks. Susan’s been scoping it out. I just checked the list and don’t see the DiGiorno deal. Can you share the details with us? We’ll get it added — and I’d love to know, for myself. It might get me the motivation I need, to finally get there. I’ve just been busy and have had to cut back on some running around lately. But . .. $0.77 pizza would get me there. :) Thanks! ~ Juli

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