50% off Pizza Hut Pizzas ~ Online Orders Thru 1/10/14


Sign up for Pizza Hut’s “Hut Lovers” email club and you’ll get 50% off medium and large pizzas you order online, through 1/10/14.

Existing members also qualify for the offer.

(Not valid on $10 pizzas or box dinners.)


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2 Responses to “50% off Pizza Hut Pizzas ~ Online Orders Thru 1/10/14”

  • Carol says:

    Sadly it appears that the $10 pizzas are gone. I checked two different Pizza Huts near me and neither list the $10 deal any more. 50% off is a nice offer, but nowhere near as nice as the $10 all toppings.

    • Juli says:

      I just saw that in their exclusions. They didn’t want you to use them together. Now I’m jealous that I missed out on the $10 deal that was loaded up! :( We haven’t eat at Pizza Hut in a long time, but may do this deal once, before it expires. I thought I remembered them being more greasy than I liked, but maybe that has changed. I’m willing to give them another try for some variety!

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