Fry’s Friday Freebie ~ Aquafina Sparkling (must load coupon today, redeem thru 2/8)


It’s Fry’s Friday Freebie time.  You can only load the coupon today, but have through 2/8 to redeem it.

Fry’s Friday Coupon ~ Aquafina Sparkling, 16.9 oz
FREE Fry’s digital (Load on 1/24 only, redeem by 2/8/14)
Final price:  FREE

 And some other reminders:

Load Fry’s weekly Facebook ecoupon Spend $40, Save $3 (expires 1/28/14, can’t load from a mobile device.

Win food for your cat or dog  (instantly, play daily, thru 2/8)

$250 Fry’s gift card sweepstakes  (enter each day, thru 2/3, four winners each week)

You can see the full Fry’s deals here.


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Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Fry’s Friday Freebie ~ Aquafina Sparkling (must load coupon today, redeem thru 2/8)”

  • Kathleen C says:

    Do you know what frys that actually carries this? I’ve been to 3 stores and didn’t see it

    • Gina says:

      I’m not sure. I’ve seen it at my store in Prescott Valley. They stock it with the cases of bottled water. Did you ask a manager? Sometimes, they have it hidden or will order it. You’d think they’d have a pallet full with this coupon, but that’s not always the case. ~ Gina

  • Dawn says:

    What is the policy on rain checks for Mega sale items? Will they give you one if the item is in the weekly ad? Is it for the mega sale price and do I have to buy a certain quantity? A lot of stuff was out of stock where I shop. =(

    • Juli says:

      The only part of their rain check policy that is in writing says they will only give you one for items that are in their ad. (It sounds like you already know this.) As far as them being Mega items, it varies from store to store. Some will write them for the lowest price, others for the highest price, others will write that you need to buy 6 (in this case) to get the lowest price. Even when they’re written that I need to buy (whatever number it is), I’ve been able to redeem them when I buy less. I explain to the cashier that they were out and I didn’t want 10 of that exact item, but wanted to mix and match. They are usually reasonable about it, but I might just get lucky and I know this will also vary. But . . . so many deals aren’t in their ad. For those, you are usually out of luck. :( The good news is that this sale will continue into next week. I hope they restock what you’re looking for, but ask for a raincheck now, if it’s in the ad. You don’t know if it will be in next week’s ad or not. Sorry that I don’t have a definite answer for you.

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