Fry’s Weekly eCoupon ~ Save $10 on Party Pack Chicken from the Deli


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Fry’s has a new weekly Facebook ecoupon.  You can’t load this coupon from a mobile device.

Save $10 on Party Pack Chicken from the Deli (expires 2/4/14) (The coupon reads “includes 50 assorted pieces, fried or baked and two 3 pound Kroger salads and 2 dozen dinner rolls.  Order in advance.)

Update:  This party pack is $59.99, so $49.99 after coupon.

Here are some reminders about instant win games with Fry’s.

Win food for your cat or dog  (instantly, play daily, thru 2/8)

You can see the full Fry’s deals here.


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2 Responses to “Fry’s Weekly eCoupon ~ Save $10 on Party Pack Chicken from the Deli”

  • Kelli says:

    Not really sure where to post this bc I am kinda new to all of this. I saw at frys cascadian farms granola is on the buy 6 sale. It makes is 2.29 and there is a coupon on for a dollar off among it 1.29!!! Fantastic deal…well to me anyway. :)

    • Gina says:

      Thanks Kelli! I had it in the $1.49 area as that’s what they were marked at my store. Sometimes prices move up or down a little during the second week of a mega sale. Looks like this one went down! I made a note on the list that your store had them cheaper and moved it up. Thanks so much for letting us know. ~ gina

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