Have You Checked Out The Huge List of Birthday Freebies? Out of Africa is One of Them (plus groupon for non birthday people)


Have you checked out our HUGE list of Arizona birthday freebies?  All places have at least one location in Arizona, but many are national deals.  The list is amazing with over 100 places and restaurants.  There is a tab on the top of this web page that lists all these deals, so you can reference it later if you need to.

One of those birthday freebies is:

** Out of Africa Park
Show ID or birth certificate for free admission the whole month of your birthday.  Call to verify before going!  My friend is there today and it’s still going.

The weather is perfect in Camp Verde right now.

If you need to purchase extra tickets for other members in you party, there is a fantastic groupon.

$16.99 adult admission to Out of Africa Park

The admission is normally $29.95, so this is a good savings.  Make sure you read all the fine print.  The groupon expires on Feb. 2, so you’ll need to plan your zoo trip by then.


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