New Offers on Checkout 51 (great deals on Belvita and Clean & Clear)

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Have you checked out Checkout 51? It’s a new way to save money, very similar to Ibotta.

There are new offers every Thursday.  Here’s are some of my favorite new deals combined with sales and coupons.

** Triscuit, Ritz or Wheat Thins Crackers   $1.79 / $2.29  AT FRY’S, PART OF MEGA SALE
$0.75/2 Nabisco Cookies or Crackers 1/26/14 SS Insert (exp 3/8/14) (worth $1, future, if we get it)
$1/2 Checkout 51 (Triscuits, phone app, future cash back, new offers on Thursday, exp 1/29)
Final price:  $1.29 / $1.79 + possible Checkout 51 cash back (Buy 6, Save $3) (like 79¢ each for Triscuits after cash back factored in!)

** Clean & Clear Astringent   $3.29 / $3.79 (Exfoliating Scrub $3.49 / $3.99, Facial Cleanser $3.59 / $4.09)  AT FRY’S, PART OF MEGA SALE
$1/1 Clean & Clear Product 01/05/2014 SS Insert (exp 2/1/14)
$1/1 printable
$1/1 printable
$1.50/1 printable (Soothing Cleanser)
$1/1 Checkout 51 (phone app, future cash back, exp 1/29) NEW
Final price:  $2.29 / $2.79 + possible Checkout 51 cash back (only $1.29 after future cash back!) (Buy 6, Save $3)

** Tropicana, Trop 50 or Farmstand Juice (46-59 oz)   $2.49 / $2.99  AT FRY’S, PART OF MEGA SALE
$1/1 Tropicana Farmstand 01/19/2014 SS Insert (exp 3/31/14)
$0.50/1 Checkout 51 (59 oz+ orange juice, 1/23 – 1/29, phone app, future cash back) NEW
Final price:  As low as $1.49 / $1.99 + possible Checkout 51 cash back (Buy 6, Save $3)  (The Checkout 51 is only good on 59 oz, and the coupon listed is for Farmstand variety which is not 59 oz, but a regular Tropicana or Trop50 would only be $1.99 after cash back.)

Nabisco BelVita, SnackWell or 100 Calorie Packs   $1.99 (w/ ad coupon or digital Just for U)  AT SAFEWAY
$1/2 Belvita Breakfast Biscuits 01/05/2014 SS Insert (exp 2/22/14)
$1/2 printable (BelVita)
$1/2 Facebook (BelVita)
$0.75/1 Ibotta (phone app, future cash back) NEW
$1/2 Checkout 51 (exp Wed. 1/22, phone app, future cash back) (got extended for another week, exp 1/29)
Final price:  $1.49 each when you buy 2, + possible Checkout 51 cash back and Ibotta cash back (like 61¢ each after both cash back factored in!)

Here’s what they say about their program:

Checkout 51 is the easiest way to save money on the brands you love! We’re currently saving over half a million Americans and Canadians money every day and have much larger plans for expansion!

All our members have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Browse the offers that are updated every Thursday
  2. Buy the products from any store
  3. Take a photo of your receipt to redeem your deal
  4. Get cash back!

It works on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You have to reach $20 in savings to get payout, and they will mail a check to you. If you are a new member, the first receipt over $20 that you scan in will earn you $2 back!

So, go here to sign up and start saving today!


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