Postage Stamps Going Up in Price on 1/26/14 ~ Buy “Forever” Stamps Now


The US Postal Service is going to increase the price of a regular stamp from 46¢ to 49¢, starting January 26th.  Buy your “forever” stamps before that.

If you aren’t familiar with those, they are good “forever” no matter what the current cost of postage is.  Just stick one of these on and your letter will get there . . . even when they start charging more, again.  :(  Hope that takes awhile, though!!

(Thanks, Lynn!)


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4 Responses to “Postage Stamps Going Up in Price on 1/26/14 ~ Buy “Forever” Stamps Now”

  • Heather L says:

    Can you get the forever stamps anywhere? Or just from The post office? My Fry’s offered me stamps the other day I just had no idea about the forever stamps.

    • Juli says:

      I wish I knew, for sure. I’m pretty sure Costco’s are “forever” ones and I’m guessing most are, but I can’t be sure. I would call your Fry’s and ask them. They should be able to tell you over the phone. It’s been “forever” (pun intended!) since I bought stamps, but I want to before it goes up. I, finally, used most of them up this year, with Christmas cards. Hope your Fry’s has them!

  • Guest says:

    The ones at my Fry’s are Forever. I think that’s all they have, no other denominations…

    • Juli says:

      Thank you for commenting. I was pretty sure, but afraid to say that I was 100% sure. I wish I would have remembered to get some when I was in there today. I hope I remember in time!

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