Target L’Oreal Haircare Deal ~ Super, if you can figure it out! :)

$5.00 off any TWO L'Oreal Paris Haircare Products

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This deal is not for the faint-hearted!  If this is the first you’ve ever read a post on Bargain Believer or you’re new around here — run!  Act like you didn’t see this and come back when it’s safe.  :)

Since I put all sorts of babbling notes on the current Target list, I’m just going to copy the whole thing below and hope it will help someone.  If you don’t feel like thinking – join the new people — RUN!!  I’m just staring at my computer, not even wanting to print anything yet.  I need to let it all settle in for a few more minutes.  :)

L’Oreal Advanced 13 oz shampoo/conditioner   $3.99 (reg. price)
Warning:  Will make your head spin and this has a lot of unknowns!  I am 100% sure this won’t work the same at every Target, with every cashier.  It will be open to interpretation.  Below, I’ve made some notes, but . . . well, good luck figuring it out!  Sorry, but that’s all I have for you.  There are so many grey and unknown things involved with this deal.
$5.00 Target gift card when you spend $20.00 (on L’oreal products WITH IN AD TARGET COUPON or text BEAUTY to 827438 for the mobile coupon)
There’s a chance they won’t take the above coupon, with the Target coupons below.  I’d say give it a shot, if you’re buying six!
$1/1 Target (gone if not coupon on top after clicking link, use w/ coupon below)
$1/1 Target (gone if not coupon on top after clicking link, use w/ coupon below)
Some stores will only take one of each Target coupon, listed above.  Others will take up to the number you are purchasing — 2 of each, or 3 each, if you have two printing devices.
$5/$20 (L’Oreal Paris products, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
Not sure if the above coupon will be taken, in addition to the one below, if you are only using two $5/2 coupons.
$5/2 (L’Oreal Paris haircare products, gone if not first coupon shown after clicking link)
(Use at least two $5/2 coupons, three if you can print a third.)
There are also insert coupons.  They are not quite as good as the $5/2, but great for the extra if you don’t have another printing device!
$2/1 L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Treatment 01/05/2014 RP Insert (exp 3/1/14)
FREE L’Oreal Conditioner wyb Advanced Haircare Shampoo 01/05/2014 RP Insert (exp 1/25/14)
Final price:  ??, but CHEAP!!

If you buy 6
Total $23.94
First use in-ad or text coupon– get $5 gift card
Use 2 each of the printable Target coupons -$4 (use third of each, if you can print them)
Use 2 each of the $5/2 coupons -$10 (use third, if you can print it)  & one B1G1 insert coupon = (-$3.99) = -$13.99
Maybe use one $5/$20 coupon coupon -$5   (?, possibly, if you only use two $5/2 coupons, but I think it’s “doubling” up — just my opinion

If you have only one printing device & can use the $5 gift card coupon, four Target coupons (-$4), two $5/2 (-$10), and one B1G1 (-$3.99) you will spend 96¢ on six (after gift card) = 16¢ each after gift card factored in.  Hope you can (minimally!) get that deal.

See much more simple Target coupon match ups here.  :)

(Thanks, Totally Target!)


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