Women . . . Your Husband is Probably Proud of You!

I want to encourage the married women out there who save money for their family . . .

At Safeway tonight, a shopper made a comment to me that the B1G1 deal he saw was awful and that it was cheaper at the dollar store.  I agreed and said I’d never pay that “sale” price and ended up telling him about my website.  He said, “Your husband must be proud of you.” Yes, he is — and I made sure to remind my husband that he was proud, when I told him the story when I came home.  :)  (Thank you, kind Safeway shopper, if you’re here.  I should have asked your name.)

I don’t hear it often, maybe once or twice a year.  But, when I hear something similar, it’s usually from male cashiers, as I’m paying.  Women are impressed with the savings, but they never say that my husband must be proud or lucky.  That comes from men.  I think most men value frugality and paychecks being stretched and appreciate it when we are helping to do that.  (Of course, I realize this is a generalization and your husband may dislike the fact that you like bargains.  I’m fortunate and I hope you are, too!)

My husband knows that he’s lucky my hobby is saving money vs collecting something expensive.  Some collect purses or figurines.  I guess I collect free toothpaste and shaving cream.  :)

You may not hear it from your husband, but I’m guessing most of them are proud of you.  Yes, there are times you probably annoy him with something bargain related, but overall . . . you are valued!  Keep up the good work!


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8 Responses to “Women . . . Your Husband is Probably Proud of You!”

  • Heather L says:

    You are truly a life saver about two years ago now my husband and I were looking through frugal websites and he is the one that actually found you! I have been hooked ever since. I fortunely have a great husband as well. He has never went to the store with me but he has gone for me to pick up great deals! And most times he is eager to hear what I got and how much I payed for all of it. But I really thank all of you ladies on this site because yall put in all that hard work and make it easier on all of us!

  • Cherie M says:

    Ahh… I remember the day that my husband said “Where are you getting all the extra money for all the stuff?”…. he USED to be fun, when I would come home with 10 bags and say “Guess what I paid”…he’d reply $20, now he says $5! What a difference~~ Glad my brother married a wise woman!! LOL!

    • Juli says:

      Ha! Glad my brother has a wise sister — to learn and stretch money for her family! You’ve done an amazing job!

      Shawn is worse (you should know — brothers are like that, right?) . . . he’ll guess a dime, or say they paid me. That’s what I have to put up with. :) It kills the fun, so I just tell him the whole boring story — how I got to the price I did. That’ll teach him! :) (And, yes . . . I just read him this reply. Maybe his next guess will be $50!?!?!)

  • Ashley Bray says:

    At first my fiance was like “I don’t understand!” and shook his head at me. But I asked him to help me because I’m expecting and would get sort of jumbled up with numbers occasionally without some help at the store. So, he watched me save 50% or 60% or 75+% and the savings climb. And now he totally appreciates the savings and bargains!

  • Allison says:

    When I come home from my early-bird grocery trips, I wake Hubby up and tell him how much I spent and what I got everything for ~ he’s a little tired, but he always seems to proud of how much money I’ve saved. I’ve had a few men stop me in the store and say they’re really impressed with my binder (it’s a double-sided one and it weighs about 20 pounds!), what I do, and say it takes concentration & dedication to keep up with it. I always tell anyone who comments on my coupons about your site and encourage THEM to do this too!!

    • Juli says:

      Impressive that he’s proud, even after you wake him up. I don’t think my husband would go for that one. :)

      Keep up the good work! Thanks for telling people about the website!

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