Bargain / Budget Family Fun in Phoenix Area ~ Pogo Passes!


Use code:  BARGAIN (all caps)

I’m so excited about this new option!  You can give a Pogo Pass as a gift!  I think it’s the perfect family gift!!

The gift giving option is even a super option if you want to buy it right now, but don’t want to start your year until the first date you can take advantage of one of the offers.

For the gift option click “Buy Now” and click the gift card option.  Enter the code BARGAIN and checkout.  You will receive an immediate email with printable vouchers that each have a unique code on them.  You can stick them in envelopes and give them away.  The year doesn’t start for the person, until they go online and redeem them!

On the other hand, if you buy this now, you can use it right away.  I love that, too!  Check out the graphic above — so many places, so many visits!!

They are working on adding even more venues, and if they do, you’ll get admission to those places as well!

With the discount code BARGAIN, you will pay only $39.95 for a Pogo pass (reg. $100).  If you paid for each individual venue, I don’t even know what it would be — A LOT more!  If you paid full price for one admission to each of my two favorite, you’re coming out close to even.

Use the code BARGAIN (all caps) to get it all for $39.95.

Here’s what you get:

  • Sunsplash (anytime, valid next season)
  • Sea Life Aquarium (TWO visits, anytime)
  • Phoenix Zoo (TWO visits, Monday – Friday only)
  • Diamondbacks Games (TWO games)
    Note:  The season is over and it’s not sure that this will be included next year, so ??
  • Rattlers Games (THREE games, dates will be added for next season)
  • Arizona Museum of Natural History (anytime)
  • ASU Sporting Events (women’s basketball, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, gymnastics, track and field)
  • Enchanted Island (FOUR visits, Fridays & Saturdays, most rides included)
  • Jump Street (TWO visits, Monday & Wednesdays, Chandler or Glendale)
  • Phoenix Rock Gym (TWO visits, gear is $5, if needed)
  • Tempe Paintball (TWELVE visits, one per month, not Saturdays,  includes gun rental, air & 100 paintballs!)
  • National Comedy Theatre (SIX visits, Fri. and Sat., with occasional Thurs.  Seating is limited.  You can also call the theatre to reserve seating.)
  • Skateland & Great Skate  (TWO visits per month, skate rental not included, but can bring your own)
  • Brunswick Zone  (TWO visits per week, shoe rental not included, excludes Sat. and some other special days)

** Note if it’s good for two+ admissions, it’s for different days, same person.  Each person in your party needs a pass.

You will get an email right away.  You can print that and use it right away or just pull it up on your mobile, whenever you need it.  My only caution to you is to check the days it’s accepted at each location.  Their website is great at explaining how everything works and what’s included, but some have restrictions.  However, many don’t have any day/time restrictions on them.

(I have an affiliate relationship with Pogo Pass, but also truly love them and purchased them for my family!)


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Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Bargain / Budget Family Fun in Phoenix Area ~ Pogo Passes!”

  • Michelle says:

    How long is that promotional code good for? I would like to buy them, but probably not for a few weeks. Such a great deal though, I don’t want to miss it!

    • Juli says:

      It’s been an ongoing thing, so I think you’re fine to wait a few weeks. I haven’t heard that the price is changing anytime soon. It is a big investment, but I think it’s really worth it.

      As a side note, you can buy them now (if you have the money) and activate them whenever you want. Just choose the gift option and then enter the codes, when you want to use them for the first time. That way, you don’t miss out on any time!

      Have fun!

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