Walgreens ~ Earn Extra Balance Rewards For Recording Fitness = Free Money!


Juli posted about this last year, but I figure we have new readers and some of us just never did it.  Like me.

Have you check out the Balance Rewards program for Walgreens.

Most of you know that you can earn points by purchasing certain items. Here are the full details on the in-store earning program. But, did you know there are other ways to earn?

You get points for walking, running, and weight loss. It seems like a nice deal to me since I’m using my treadmill anyway!


You will get 250 Balance Rewards points, just for signing up. (When you get to 5000, it equals $5 to spend at Walgreens.)

You get additional points for meeting goals.


I got my 250 points, but I hope to keep remembering to log my miles and get more. Hey, it’s free money and motivation, right?


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