Arizona Homeschool Convention Discount ~ New Atendees (& Free Mini Conference for Those Thinking About It)


I homeschool my kids (10, 12, & almost 14 yr. olds).  I love most days . .  just have to be honest!  :)  There are some days when I question myself or what we’re accomplishing, but there are more where I’m sure I wouldn’t want it any other way.  The homeschool convention is a great place to go to be inspired and encouraged, to make the most of all homeschooling days!

There is a Christian focused homeschool convention every summer in downtown Phoneix.  The AFHE Convention (Arizona Families for Home Education) is July 11 -12 this year.  It’s a great place to go look at tons, and tons, and tons (get the point?) of curriculum and other resources..  But, more importantly, to be encouraged on your journey, have your questions answered, and to leave there energized and ready to tackle a new year.  I have to warn you that you may also be a bit overwhelmed with all the new inspiration you come away with.

I will be doing one of the workshops, “Saving on Everyday Necessities & Family Fun.”  The challenge will be to get it all into an hour!  Most of the other workshops are more directly related to school, if you’re wondering.  I was asked to do it and figured if it could help families on a limited budget, I was in!  :)

Now, for the bargain part . . . If you have never attended the AFHE Convention, you can get in for only $10!  Over half of the discounts have been spoken for, so make sure you request your discount soon, if you want to attend.


There is also a free session (parking fees apply) for those who are considering homeschooling.  It’s on Thursday, July 10th from 2:30 – 5:30pm.  There are more details at this link.

If you attend, look for me!  I’ll be in Room 159 from 1:30 – 2:30 on Saturday.  I’ll also be browsing and learning, the rest of the day!  Please introduce yourself, if you see me.  I always like to put faces with names, even if I promptly forget too many of them.  :(  ~ Juli


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