FREE Canned Cat Food ~ Even a Slight Money Maker! (Most Anywhere!) & Petco Freebie

$2.00 off THREE Wet IAMS Cat Food

If you have a cat, you’re in luck! You can score free cat food a few different ways.

First of all, there is a $2/3 Iams canned cat food printable coupon.  Use that most anywhere to get 3 cans for free!  (Make sure you print two, to get six free!)

Fry’s (60¢ thru 2/11) and Walmart (? price, guessing under 60¢) will give you overage.  You’ll have about 20¢ (per coupon) to go toward another item you’re purchasing.

Just so you know . . . I tested it today at Fry’s and it didn’t even beep.  It went through for the full  $2, as their policy says.  Hooray for no beeps!!

Safeway (45¢ thru 4/8) and Target (59¢, reg. price) will adjust the coupon value down, to meet the selling price of each.

And, here’s another freebie, at Petco . . .


Get a FREE can of Friskies or Fancy Feast cat food at Petco, with this printable coupon.  It expires on 2/15/14.

Many Petsmart stores will also accept these coupons, but I can’t 100% guarantee it.  Gone! (Thanks, Lara!)

And, lastly . . .

Don’t forget to keep playing the Fry’s instant win game.  You could win more food or treats for your cat or dog.  You can play each day, through 2/8/14.


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10 Responses to “FREE Canned Cat Food ~ Even a Slight Money Maker! (Most Anywhere!) & Petco Freebie”

  • eunice says:

    bought 12 pcs.of iams cat food at walmart for $.58 cents each. I calculated first before I went to self check-out and I had $ 1.04 overage and since I still have $1 off coupon for simply orange I decided to include it in my purchase so I only paid $1.50 :-)

  • Susan says:

    Petsmart will accept the coupon but they also will adjust the value down.

    • Juli says:

      Some will also accept the Petco coupon for a freebie. I wasn’t clear which I was talking about. But, glad to know they’ll take it. I rarely shop there. Thanks!

  • HaroldS says:

    “Safeway (45¢ thru 4/8) and Target (59¢, reg. price) will adjust the coupon value down, to meet the selling price of each.” I thought Target was taken to court for adjusting mfg coupons down from face value? Have not experienced that at SW, but have at Albertson’s. After all they are gtting reimbursed for the face amount plus handling. I’ve complained to the state attorney’s office about Albertson’s and they responded that they are compiling a file. So more need to complain when stores adjust down face values of coupons.

  • LaraB says:

    Not seeing the petco/friskies coupon. Looked all around there. Is it gone? Am I not looking in the right place?

  • HaroldS says:

    What Petco/Friskies coupon do you mean? Is it the free can one? Here is that one:
    Remember you can print this coupon by right clicking anywhere inside the coupon. A drop down menu should appear and choose “print picture.”

    • Juli says:

      Thanks, Harold. I don’t give those links on the website since I figure they might not want to offer them after a certain time. I just have to watch for liability issues and try to only give links that I can find the original source. That is exactly where the page led me to (after clicking a coupon image on their website), but the original link is gone. It may just be because it’s approaching the expiration. So, Lara . . . that’s it and I’m almost 100% sure you can still use it. I just don’t want Petco to get mad at me and say I’m giving links that aren’t meant to be shared. Hope you understand! Thanks for helping, Harold!

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