FREE Neuro Sleep at Safeway ~ Digital Coupon


Note:  This did not automatically come off for me.  :(
Customer service gave me a refund, when I showed my app, but . . . watch! ~ Juli

You can get Neuro Sleep FREE at Safeway, with a new digital coupon.

It’s in Safeway’s Coupon Center, which means it’s for everyone.  Sort by “beverages” and look for the coupon pictured above.

You have through 4/18 to redeem it, but it will probably disappear before then, so load it now.

I’m not even sure what this is and not sure I’m brave enough to try it, but if you are . . . go for it!  :)

See more Safeway deal here.

(Thanks, Susan & CJ!)


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8 Responses to “FREE Neuro Sleep at Safeway ~ Digital Coupon”

  • HaroldS says:

    Thanks for this. Now to find where it is located in the store, or even if my ghetto store even carries it.
    There are also IPs out there to print for more free ones.
    Check out the comments at Amazon about this drink. Interesting. Turns an angry worker into a mellow one. LOL.

    • Juli says:

      It’s listed under “beverages” so I would start in the bottled water aisle, but I really have no clue where it will be. I have no clue what the stuff will do. Someone on Facebook said it made her brother sick. Hope you find it and it will take your anger away someday when it’s needed or . . . at least, not make you sick. :)

  • eryn says:

    My husband likes them, he doesn’t do the sleep one though. they say not for use if preggo or nursing, so their not for me.

  • eryn says:

    Thanks…Nursing a 3 month old!

    • Juli says:

      You’re one tired mama, then! I remember those days well. I loved having young kids, but the sleeplessness . . well, I could have done without that part!! Hope you manage to squeeze in some naps sometimes!

  • Juli says:

    Just a note for anyone reading this:
    This Neuro Sleep discount did not automatically come off for me. :( Customer service gave me a refund, when I showed my app, but . . . watch! ~ Juli

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