Input, Please? ~ Bargain Believer App & Upgrades Coming!


Long story short . . . My husband and I are going to be kid-less this weekend.  We were going to get away, but decided to stay home and work on Bargain Believer upgrades.  Don’t worry, we’ll throw in a movie or two and dinners out, also.  I decided I’m not cooking and will pretend we’re on vacation!   Do you think dinners out are tax deductible, as a business expense?   :)

What functionality do you want an app for Bargain Believer or the website to have, that it doesn’t already?  And/or, what do you love and not want to lose?  (I doubt there will be much disappearing, but some tweaking.  Additionally, it would help me clarify what is of the most value to you.)

Dream big!  My husband is an amazing programmer and most of the “crazy” ideas I’ve given him, he hasn’t thrown out.  :)  In fact, he’s said, “Well, why not have it do more?”  Amazing stuff . . . but some are way in the future since they’re . .  well, crazy good and crazy time consuming!  :)

The list we have is very long, but I don’t want to be missing anything simple or complex that you might be thinking of.  I won’t respond to each suggestion, but I promise to read them all and consider them.  I hope to add to the list and/or make my vision more clear, knowing that you want what we’ve already thought of.

Please comment below or over on the Bargain Believer Facebook page.

By the way . . . this will take hours and hours and hours, so I can’t promise when there will be any visible changes or anything tangible.  We might roll a few things out slowly — not sure yet!

Thanks so much for your input!!  It will really help us.  ~ Juli


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24 Responses to “Input, Please? ~ Bargain Believer App & Upgrades Coming!”

  • Michelle says:

    I usually have to go to another deal site if I want to limit my search to only the current week’s sale prices. Say I want to know who has the best price on eggs this week and don’t want to look at weeks of expired deals and searches that come up unrelated. I would love to find a “best price this week on ______”. Ground beef, chicken, eggs, whatever. Just an idea. I know I would love it!

  • HaroldS says:

    Sorry to use this, but don’t know how to contact you direct. Have you seen this $25/$50 Fry’s ecoupon? I just loaded it.
    Probably won’t last long.

    • Juli says:

      Yes, but I decided not to post it since it knew it wasn’t a link that was supposed to be shared. They have not taken it down. Thanks, though!

      • HaroldS says:

        OK Sorry if I did a no-no.

        • Juli says:

          No worries! I’m happy to know about things like that since you never know what we don’t know about and all the details that might be involved. I appreciate you trying to pass along a great deal, Harold!

      • HaroldS says:

        OK Sorry if I did a no-no. You can remove my post.

        I am weekly always looking for the cheapest milk that I can price match at Walmart. That’s one thing I buy every week for sure.

  • Allison says:

    I would like something that notifies you when new posts are put up, but where you can select what stores/deals you want to be notified on. I don’t have a Bashas around, but I could select to be notified on every new Fry’s or Safeway post. That’s probably just me ~ I like knowing when new posts are up on sites so I don’t have to keep refreshing the page to check. I get anxious pretty quick… :)

  • BMZ says:

    a “next” button on the bottom of the page. As it is now, you have to click on 1, 2, 3…to get to the next page.

  • Joanie says:

    A way to either email the lists we make on your site without copying/pasting ourselves or have it saved in the app or something like the store lists do like on Frys or Safeway. I’m not technical at all so not sure if either way is possible but wanted to put it out there.

    Also, I love how your lists categorize the items but on your main lists they are all over the place so if you want to quickly see if the store has a certain thing on sale you can’t quickly look since foods or TP or whatever could be anywhere in your list. If they could be in those same categories it would really save time when seeing which store might have the best deal that week or just find which store has the best price deal (without having to look at the Walmart list for price matching). Thanks for all you do!

    • Jen says:

      I agree! I would love to be able to email myself the list I put together.

      I also can’t seem to use the list function on my iPad, but I’m not sure if that’s something you’re aware of…..

      Thank you!

    • Michelle says:

      Do you have the option when you print to choose “print to a PDF file” ? If so, you could then save the PDF and email it as an attachment. Just a thought.

  • phxmomof2 says:

    I would love to see a stock up notation, or better than warehouse pricing since I don’t really track items that I buy regularly, but I should! For example, is the best time to buy toilet paper during the Fry’s $4/4 deal with the paper coupon? If you had a star or something to notate the deals we should all jump on, that would be great!

  • Rhonda says:

    I wondered about a “back to top” button especially at the end of long posts, like the weekly ad match-ups.

  • Brooke J says:

    This might be a far stretch bc it would mean an entire coupon database for you, but the one thing I miss from. .. elsewhere… is being able to search for coupons. Say I wanted to buy Tylenol. I could type in “tylenol” & it would show me any current coupons out there on tylenol. The only way it shows up now on your website search is if it’s on sale or on sale with a coordinating coupon.
    I do love your website though! I use it daily. Thank you!

  • Ruthann's says:

    Oh how exciting for ALL of us!!!! You guys are da’ Bomb!!! I know we’ve discussed this a couple of times, but keep your ‘search’ feature so that if we’re looking for ‘milk’ for example, we can compare any stores w/ the yellow highlight. Sometimes it’s good to work backwards using the coupon you have as a starting point.

  • stephanie says:

    Would be nice to see what percentage is being saved. This way you know if it is a great deal or just one you can save some cash without having to calculate it out.

  • Janice says:

    I would not change anything about the web site but it would be nice to change/move sections of the list around so we can set up our list with how our store is arranged. I’ve tried copying and pasting but it’s not the same. Thanks for all you do.

  • Kathleen C says:

    My suggestion is that I wished you had the green plus signs on a mobile version, and when finished you could email the list to yourself, to be printed off. I use my phone to make the list, and writing everything down is such a drag.

    And a bonus to either the mobile or desktop version of green plus signs is being able to choose the coupon (and specs) to show up on the list when it’s printed so I don’t have to refer back to the list after printing it. I make list for my mom too, and trying to find what insert it came from is time consuming.

    Hope all these brainstorms from everyone helps!!
    Thanks for all your & your teams hard work!!

  • Isamar M says:

    For the mobile version, I would like it to go back to the area I was at and not have to “load more post” just to find where I was at. Not sure if that makes sense….

  • Jennifer H says:

    Maybe there is a way to do this but I am not seeing it on your page. I would love for there to be a way to access my lists for various stores without having to add an item first. I love your website and share it often… Thanks for all you do!!

  • Allison says:

    If there’s a way to move the categories around on the lists so we can put them in order according to our store’s layout or what areas we shop in first. For me, I would like to put the “Personal Care” category first, then “Paper Products”, then “Baby” and so on. I think it would make it easier to go through the store with the categories according to our store ~ I tend to end up on one end of the store and go back to the other because I forgot something (whoops!)

  • Dawn says:

    I would love to be able to sign into site to see my deal list and add to it. I use multiple computers at different places and would enjoy being able to see what I already have (not in an email).
    Thx for this site and all your effort in putting it together!

  • Darlene Chapman says:

    I think someone else commented about this too but I would love to be able to search for sales on specific items…say I need to go buy lettuce and I want to know who may have it on sale that week. I could enter the item in a search bar and it would pull all lettuce sales prices and the store attached.

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